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How to Make Green Powder – Don’t Waste Another Leaf!

Mom with a PREP | Don't let that pile of greens in your crisper drawer going bad shame you. Show them what for by dehydrating them and making this powerhouse of a powder to add more nutrition to your family meals!

Come sit down by me. I have a story to tell you. It might be scary, but I’m right here by you. You are not alone.

This was my story:

The crisper drawer of my refrigerator was a one way ticket to a slow, slimy, green death. I bought all the greens we needed for keeping us healthy and strong. We added them to smoothies, we put them in salads. But when I wasn’t looking, the piles of green would expand. They began duplicating when I wasn’t looking. The pressure to eat more grew, but we just couldn’t keep up. It was overpowering us.

:::cue spooky movie music here:::

The Slime Monster reared it’s ugly head.


This is what happens when you ignore that drawer. The slime monster appears. You know – that slimy thing that happens to greens if you leave them just one minute longer than necessary. I know..I know. We could have composted it. We could have left it out for the rabbit that has called our front yard home (but he’s got a whole front yard of greens..why would he want more?) But it got so overwhelming sometimes.

And sometimes, I just couldn’t take one more smoothie.

::::SHOCK & HORROR::::

Yes, I said it. Sometimes, I just couldn’t take one more smoothie.

Then one day, I read a sage piece of advice about how to deal with extra kale when you were overwhelmed and a lightbulb went off in my head.

The moral of the story:

Is it green? Is it leafy? Is it edible? POWDER IT!

I’m honored to have joined the writing team at GNOWFGLINS, and I share with you just how to tame this leafy, green monster that grows in your crisper when you aren’t looking.

Come join me, won’t you?

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