A Guide to Using Essential Oils for Your Body

After reading so much in the Essential Oil movement, and scoffing at it for so long (though I am a HUGE fan of Tea Tree Oil), I’m beginning to start the research on REAL uses of EO’s instead of all of the promised uses.

I’ve read a lot and have been promised tons, but I found that I really have found only three oils and blends that I come back to time and time again. It doesn’t mean that I won’t try new ones or use others, but these are my three favorites.

My Favorite Essential Oils

Tea Tree Oil – not only is it a good fungicide which can be used to treat athletes foot with a regular oil carrier, I use it in my general cleaning spray for our home because of the germicide features it carries. A spray bottle 1/3 citrus vinegar to 2/3 water and 20 drops of tea tree oil.

Protective Blend – you might know this as the brand name Thieve’s Oil. We use it whenever we have a cold or other respiratory illness by putting a drop or two on our shirt collar (be careful, it can stain – we’re usually wearing our sick t-shirts at this point, so we haven’t lost one, yet) or on a rag by our pillow at night. It really helps to open passages. , or a pendant, too, but it can be strong, so be gentle.

Lavender Oil – to be honest, this is mostly just to help me feel like I might be able to sleep. I’ve had sleep issues since turning a “certain age” and this is on a rag by my pillow all the time. Does it really help me? I’ll never know, but I know it certainly has become a part of my routine.

Who do I purchase my oils from?

I’m gonna be honest, I’m put off a bit by the big multi-level marketing campaigns to sell EO’s. That doesn’t mean that the people who sell them and use them are bad, I’m just not a fan. I use three companies to get my oils from.

• – I love this company because of their sound approach to the science of essential oils and their lack of ‘polish’. That’s not to say they aren’t a great company, but the flash of marketing doesn’t happen here, and I happen to love that a lot. They are sound with their science and will tell you when things are true or not.

•  – this is a company focusing on organics, and I already know them from the foods I’ve purchased from them and love the bargain pricing of their products. It makes reaching higher to be healthier more affordable for my family.

Tip: Be sure you’re ordering from the actual companies and not people reselling that product.

• Sparks Naturals (get 10% off any order with code momwithaprep). None of these companies have marketing campaigns to get you to buy more or try to get you to sell for them.

And again, I’ll say it, I’m no expert on Essential Oils, nor do I sell essential oils as a mainstay of my blog. But I did want to address their benefit for your family if you find a specific need, which we have with the ones I’ve listed above. I do plan on experimenting with more and giving my honest feedback on their use in our home.

Resources for Essential Oils

To get started, this little starter kit from Plant Therapy is a good pack that has a variety of useful, everyday oils, without getting you into the more exotic varieties. Check the infographic below to get more information on how essential oils can help your body.

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 – I rely on this book more than any website that I go to.

– a great, easy to read and comprehend book on the benefits of EO’s.

The Essential Oils Body Map

Courtesy of:
 This chart by the Baldwin Company is a great visual aid on what essential oils can help what vital bodily organs, and is something I’ll keep handy when I need to find out what works where! Hope it helps you, too!

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