Halloween Safety Tips for Your Family

Don’t get tricked this Halloween. Follow these Halloween Safety tips and tricks from Mom with a PREP for a safe and fun candy night.

Don't get tricked this Halloween. Follow these tips and tricks from Mom with a PREP for a safe and fun candy night.

I was a child of the seventies when it came to trick or treating. The stories spread fast and wide about people putting razor blades and needles into candy, and the only recourse was to take it to a hospital to have it x-rayed to ensure the safety of those who partook of the sweet stuff.

Little did I know that this would still be a thing when I finally had kids, and we ventured out to do more than the church’s fall festival.

Every year, the festival is visited, then we visited a few houses in the neighborhood, then came home to dump all the candy out in piles on the floor for Mom and Dad to inspect…just in case some bad guy did something bad to the candy.

I’m pretty certain this was started by a really smart Mom or Dad who just wanted to get a chance to see what candies were picked up and call dibs on the really good stuff 😉

Don't get tricked this Halloween. Follow these tips and tricks from Mom with a PREP for a safe and fun candy night.

But in all seriousness, there are some good guidelines and tips to keep you and your family safe during the biggest Candy Night of them all!

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips for Costumes

  • Make sure costumes don’t impede vision or affect walking
  • Use makeup to create a mask to be on the safer side
  • Trip costume in reflective tape to catch the light of passing vehicles
  • Carry flashlights ( I do love these mini Cree lights that are sturdy yet small enough for wee hands and give great light) or good glow sticks to light your way. You might want to wrap a cord around their wrist to attach the flashlight or glowstick to or attach it to their bag. Just don’t make it long enough to be a tripping hazard.
  • Use fewer props – make sure props are not rigid and that they don’t bind the kids up when walking.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

  • Plan the route in advance and never walk alone – trick or treating is best when done in packs!
  • Stay visible to child and door if you are allowing children to approach a door alone
  • Use proper Trick or Treating etiquette – only approach well-lit front doors that have a porch light turned on welcoming goblins.
  • Never enter a home to receive candy unless accompanied by a responsible adult – that goes for you, too, kids!
  • Carry an extra bag to dump candy into when kids’ bags become cumbersome.
  • Be sure to check the sex offender database in your area to plan accordingly.
  • Always peek out your door before answering, especially if you are in an area without houses close by

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Halloween Safety Tips for Decorations

  • Use flameless candles in carved pumpkins and other decorations to reduce fire hazard
  • Remove obstacles from lawn and steps to keep pathways clear – poor lighting and impaired vision from costumes make this a safety hazard

Halloween Safety Tips for Candies

And by all means, check the candy. Check the candy for…

  • Candy that can be allergy triggering
  • Hazardous objects and choking hazards
  • The kind you love best and create a secret stash!

Alternatives to neighborhood trick or treating

  • Carnivals held by churches and civic organizations
  • Malls or shopping areas
  • Block parties
  • Buy your favorite candies and have a class monster movie marathon with family and friends.

What Are Your Thoughts?

What did you dress up as for Halloween last? Any tips you’d love to add?

Don't get tricked this Halloween. Follow these tips and tricks from Mom with a PREP for a safe and fun candy night.

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