If You Love Mom with a Prep…Cast Your Vote!

You know, I’ve never been one to put a lot of weight on “top websites” because they are arbitrary, run by sites with an agenda, and/or based on Alexa.com & Google ratings which tend to change like a teenager’s moods…

Vote for Mom with a Prep as one of your Favorite Prepper Sites! CLICK HERE!

That was until The Prepper Website created one based simply on how much you love the sites you visit.

What does voting for Mom with a Prep do? Stroke my ego? I have to admit, that yes, yes it would :) But more importantly, it helps ensure that you keep quality, preparedness websites at the top of that list. Ones that you know and trust. Ones that give you great information about preparing, food storage, survival, etc.  (Wow, this is beginning to sound like a PBS pledge drive, isn’t it? I promise, I won’t ask you to make 12 monthly payments or promise you tickets to the next Michael Bolton concert).

So if you like what Mom with a Prep.com is doing, please feel free to hit that button!

Regardless if you do or not, thank you so much for visiting the site regularly. Now let’s go get some nachos!

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