Know Your Phone Numbers in Case of an Emergency (Preparedness Quick Tip #25)

If you’re like me, you rarely actually have to recite the phone numbers you need the most because they’re so conveniently programmed in your cell phone. I even have to look up my own number when handing it out because I frequently forget it (since, you know, I never call myself). It’s just so easy to grab the phone, hit the phone list and tap my husband’s icon, and never pay attention to his number.

Mom with a PREP | Make sure to keep phone numbers handy in case you lose the ability to use your cell phone. Most of us do not remember the numbers we have programmed there. #prepare4life #quicktip

Why You Should Learn your Phone Numbers By Heart

So when the day came, not long ago, that my cell phone wasn’t charged (which is a topic all on its own), and I really needed to reach him for something important, I had no idea of what his number was. I could remember a couple of the digits, but not all. He’d recently had to get a new phone and number, and I had never taken the time to memorize it.

Thankfully, it was something that was not an emergency, but it was important. So we both realized we needed to have a list in our wallets. We already have one in our kids’ wallets in case they ever need them but had never bothered to do it for ourselves.

Make sure you have some way of getting a hold of those most important people in your life (including insurance companies, doctors, etc.) by having a small piece of paper in your wallet or bag that contains those numbers… just in case.

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