9 Emergency Lighting Options for You to Store

Are you prepared for the power to go out right this moment? Do you know where your flashlights are (or if they have power), where your long-burning candles are, or if you even have anything to light them with? Light can be the most important factor in a power outage when it’s dark to allow you to safely move about your surroundings while you make preparations for everything else.

9 Options for lighting in an emergency situation -- are you stocked up on these?

9 Ways to Light Up Your Emergencies


The more the merrier, I say! We use flashlights of all sizes tucked in places all over the house. Be sure to keep a stock of extra batteries and update them often! Typically you do not want to do long-term storage of flashlights with the batteries still inside, but for emergency use, you don’t want to go off looking for batteries. You can also get wind-up flashlights that are good for quick bursts, but I try not to rely on these as my main source of emergency lighting, but they are great for bug out bags or long-term emergency bag storage.

Glow Sticks

we grab these whenever we’re at a dollar store or after-halloween clearances. They make great sources of light that you can tie to a string around your neck, tuck in a shirt pocket, or attach to something to give you light – hands-free


You can do a battery operated lantern tucked in a safe spot that is easy to grab, or make a permanent home for an oil lamp – both can provide room-covering light


I prefer to use the white emergency candles or non-scented candles, but candles of any sort are great as long as you remember to use them safely!!

Natural Light

Ddon’t underestimate what natural light can do for you. While some may say never rely on letting it be known you’re home by having your windows open, those are usually the extreme post-disaster scenarios. Otherwise, make use of that natural light to help save your stored lighting options for times of need

Rechargeable glow lights

Known by a few names, but UVPaqlite is a most popular, these are glow-lights that are made of rechargeable material, that recharge off the power of the sun. There is no need to plug them into the grid, no solar panels, no batteries. They just recharge from being in a source of light and can last hours. Depending on the type of product you get (small personal glowstick, or room filling sheets), your glow light source can last for hours.

Built-in or plug-in emergency lights.

These are lights, such as you find in office buildings, schools and retail establishments, that come on whenever there is a power failure. They can be build into to you existing light model, or can be plugged into electrical sockets. They are battery operated and work from the grid to recharge the batteries while not being used, but come on as soon as it’s needed. These are great for short-term emergencies as they can give you extra lighting, but don’t count on them for long-term if they are only attached to the grid for recharging.

Outdoor solar lights

Bring the outdoors in when you have a power outage! These rechargeable solar lights are great for lighting outside, but perfect for emergency situations. They charge themselves outdoors all day, and can provide light for task lighting or general room ambiance. And it’s a great double-duty tool!

I keep a box of candles, long fireplace lighters, small lighters, matches and glow sticks in a box in a cabinet of our kitchen. It’s up high enough where little hands can’t get into it, but easy access for the taller folks. We can pull out a box and have everything we need if the lights go out. There is also a larger long-term storage box for the extra products, and a box of large, long lasting, emergency candles that we order from The Dollar Tree. They are not carried in our store, but we can order them from the website, and have them delivered to our local store.

**Make sure to keep a variety of all in the house. While you don’t want to rely on the single item to give you light, they can be used to start a fire in your furnace or fireplace for that light source that can fill a room.

Around the house: We also keep a flashlight next to each side of our bed, tucked in the bunk of our children’s beds, one in each bathroom, and one attached to the underside of each table in the living room, and one in the office desk, one in the linen closet and one in the pantry. That way there is always a light source handy no matter where we are in the event of a power outage.

Here’s another great place to have a flashlight handy – your electrical box!

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