Long-Burning Candles at Low Cost for Powerless Nights

When the power is out, most people rely on candles to light up their night. You know you have a few smelly candles around the house (those old ones you’ve been storing for the candlelit suppers you plan on having with your honey once you get a night when the kids aren’t home and you don’t fall exhausted into a kid-free slumber or surf the web uninterrupted.

Don’t ask me how I know these options because I’ve NEVER done them in my entire life). While they do provide light, they aren’t the best option for good lighting for a long-term powerless life.

Light up your powerless, dark nights with this inexpensive prep item from Dollar Tree

The Best Long-Burning Candles I’ve Found

A better option is to have a supply of these long-burning candles (tested to about 70 hours by an online prepping friend of mine so it’s not just promotional hype). I ordered them from Dollar Tree online and had them delivered to my local store free of shipping charges.

They are not factory second candles. They’re good quality candles that won’t light up your neighborhood, but having 1 or 3 around a room for ambient lighting when task lighting isn’t needed is great for stormy nights when the power goes out or for more long term emergency lighting if you don’t have anything else. They are $12 per case of 12 candles and are a huge bargain for your budget.


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