Make Emergency Light from a Milk Jug

Mom with a PREP | If you've ever seen those Pinterest photos of a water jug emergency lamp and wondered....does that really work? I tried it for you! I tried this out - it really does work!

You know those Pin projects, the ones you keep seeing people pin over and over again, but you don’t really know if they work? Well, I tried another one out for you!

We took a milk jug and washed it out well, filled it with water, and then used a head lamp that you can get at any hardware store, Amazon, big box store and camping store.

It is simply a matter of attaching the headlamp to the jug, tightening the straps, pointing the light into the jug, and turning it on.

This worked well as ambient light in the small rooms we tried it in.

We also tried a clear jug and a vinegar jug. The clear jug doesn’t work as it can’t disperse the light the same way as the lightly opaque jugs. A water jug would work the same way, we just couldn’t use one since all of ours are clear.

For quick, emergency lighting for a small dark space, this worked awesomely! It is now our choice of lighting in our rest room if the power goes out. The milk jug will be stored under the sink, empty, and filled as needed. This would also work well in a tent for ambient light at night.

This is definitely one of those pinned ideas that really works!

Here’s the headlamp we have and really like. The extra strap across the top gives it more stability.

41ypzH4MsDL(These make GREAT stocking stuffer ideas for the new prepper and for kids. My kids love playing around in the dark with them all the time.)

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