Simple Family Preparedness Acquires

I am thrilled to announce that Simple Family Preparedness has acquired Mom With A Prep, another well-known website in the family preparedness niche.

When I saw that it was available for purchase, I jumped at the chance! It aligns perfectly with what I want Simple Family Preparedness to be – the best darn resource for preparedness ever.

As of September 9, 2023 all the amazing content and resources at will now be hosted on

Mom With A Prep was started back in 2013 by Jane Baldwin, and has changed hands a few times since she launched it. She was passionate about helping families prepare, like Simple Family Preparedness creator, Misty. She successfully grew her blog and created a great wealth of resources and built a very engaged community.

My goal is to honor both of these women by merging these websites together and updating all content to be the best preparedness resource out there.

If you are looking for something specific from the Mom With A Prep website, below were some of the top articles. I hope this helps you find what you might be looking for, but please feel free to do a site search as well.

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25 Cinder Block Projects For The Homestead

Pill Bottle Firestarters

Redneck Air Conditioner

101 Meals In A Jar Recipes


Becky is a wildlife enthusiast and pet and livestock care expert with a diploma in canine nutrition. With over a decade of experience in animal welfare, Becky lends her expertise to Simple Family Preparedness through insightful info about pets, livestock, bee keeping, and the practicalities of homesteading.

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