Redneck Air Conditioner DIY Tutorial

Summer’s here and your air conditioning went out. How do you stay cool until it can be repaired? I’ll show you this great hack, plus give you even more ways to keep your cool when it gets hot! This is the Redneck Air Conditioner DIY Tutorial.

how to make Redneck Air Conditioner

Why You Need to Know How to Make a Redneck Air Conditioner?

A few years ago, during the worst heatwave, we’d experienced in a couple of decades, our air conditioner suddenly stopped ‘air conditioning’ our home. We happen to live in a late’70s cookie cutter suburban home. The builder didn’t think that things like good airflow through a house. It would ever be something needed in the south.

Fast forward to us sweating like crazy, unable to open up the house to get any airflow at all (not that . There is good airflow in the middle of a Texas summer at 110F -it’s dead). Our fans could only do so much to help keep us cooler. However, it was miserably hot, and we had to wait for the AC repair guy to come to take a look. We had to spend one night without AC and it was miserable. It is because you just could not get cool, thus you couldn’t sleep. We spent quite a bit of time at McDonald’s because they had wifi & AC. It was better than sitting in the sweltering heat of our house while we waited for the repairman to show up.

While we were at home, we came up with a great “redneck” hack that would help us, at least in a small way, stay cool.

How to Make a Redneck Air Conditioner?

  1. Get a large container of ice. We choose to use a stainless steel bowl since it doesn’t insulate well to help create even more chill.
  2. Get a fan.
  3. Set ice in front of the fan.
  4. Turn on the fan.
  5. Sit in front of the fan and chill ;)

Really – it’s that easy. You’re blowing the cold and moisture from the ice into your space.  If you’re sitting, set up a small fan and cup of ice next to you on an end table. If it’s really hot, it doesn’t travel far. But it’s a good cold zone if you need one, and man did we need one that day.

More Ideas to Keep Cool in the Summer

15 ways to keep cool when the weather is hot and you're without air conditioning. Mom with a PREP

If you want to ‘redneck it a little more permanently, try these ideas. So, build your own from a 5-gallon bucket!

Souped-up 5-gallon cooler from Graywolf Survival
While lots more tips require house modifications to help keep you cool, what are some tricks and tips you have for keeping your cool in the summer heat?

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