10 min project: Put together one jar meal

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one jar meal

I was recently talking to a friend who had been talking to one of HER friends about the experience of living through a hurricane.  She said that her wheat, rice, beans etc didn’t do her any good in those first few days.  What she needed was quick foods that she could prepare in very little time.  And food that her family, especially her kids, were familiar with would have been nice.  She simply didn’t have time to grind all her wheat and make homemade tortillas, then use the wheat as a meat substitute, add some seasoning, heat up the beans and have burritos.  Her family wanted spaghetti or soup.  They wanted something comforting, quick and easy.

So, for your 10 minute project today, I challenge you to put together at least ONE meal in a jar.  A meal your family is familiar with that you can store in a jar in shelf stable, just add water form.  If you need some ideas, you can see three jar meals that I have here.  Easy Peasy!

Lack of Time

I’ve found that there are lots of reasons that keep people from becoming better prepared or more self reliant. But as a young mom one of the top reasons is time, or rather a lack of time.

But really, I don’t think us young moms are alone….

I think that many, if not most, in our fast paced society feel that time slips through their fingers regularly. And when feeling rushed and anxious, it can be difficult to invest time in becoming more prepared and self reliant.

10 Minute Preparedness Projects!

But very one of us can find 10 minutes, right? Every 10 days or so, I challenge myself to spend 10 minutes on preparedness and self-reliance and I invite you to join me! Simple, right?

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  1. My mutual assistance group (MAG) does this once a month. This month, we are doing Chicken Pot Pie filling. By buying in bulk, we save money and get to socialize while we make them. ..its a win – win.


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