Powdered Eggs Options for Emergency Food Supply

When it comes to emergency food supplies, you need to ensure the food you are storing. It will be valuable during an emergency. This essentially means the food must satisfy a few basic requirements. It should conserve as much space as possible. So, you can store a sufficient quantity and even move a portion of it should you need to evacuate. It must have a long shelf-life and be viable for consumption long after it is purchased.

So, the emergency has begun. It must have a high nutritional and caloric value. And lastly, it must be filling and leave you with satisfaction. It prevents you from having additional hunger urges for as long as possible. So, these powdered eggs are a best option to stack for emergency supply.

Each of these requirements are important for ensuring you will be able to survive whatever disaster you meet. Although not all foods will satisfy all of these requirements, some will fare better than others. Fortunately, powdered eggs is a great option because it at least partially satisfies all of these requirements.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your emergency food supply, you should consider powdered eggs if you don’t already have it. But keep in mind not all powdered eggs are equal. Here are our top suggestions for powdered egg options for emergency food supplies. 

1. Ova Easy Egg Crystals

If you have tried powdered eggs before, the first thing you might remember about it is its taste. Powdered eggs are not known for their delicious, or universal, appeal. This is often because the process in which regular eggs are dehydrated. It turned into powdered eggs reducing the natural flavoring of the eggs themselves.

Therefore, if you are eating powdered eggs, you likely have to accept a milder taste you may not be familiar with. Unless you’re eating Ova Easy Egg Crystals, which are well known for their unique ability. It is to preserve the taste of their eggs.

This company uses a special process in which the eggs they use are dehydrated very slowly, allowing them to conserve much of their flavoring and consistency. When you prepare eggs from this brand, you will notice that they are fluffier, richer in taste, and offer a better consistency than you see in other brands.

The trade-off for this is the affordability of these eggs, as they may be a bit more expensive than other options. They also come in smaller bag sizes, so they may not be a great choice if you are preparing for an emergency on a tighter budget. 

2. Hoosier Hill Farm Eggs 

If you are purchasing powdered eggs for the specific reason of being prepared for an emergency, these are the eggs you want to have in your pantry. Not only are these eggs an excellent source of nutrition and caloric intake during an emergency, as their preparation reserves much of their dietary value, but they are also among the most affordable, and widely accessible, options.

These powdered eggs are perfect for those who are looking for quantity, with a healthy balance of quality as well. Sold in a plastic kit, unlike many other powdered egg brands. It is sold in flimsy plastic bags, Hoosier Hill Farm Eggs offers large quantities per purchase.

Fortunately, their typical quantity comes in a one pound plastic jar. This means you can purchase enough for all of your emergency preparation needs at an affordable rate. These containers also mean they can be stored quite easily. Instead of having to remove the powdered eggs from a delicate plastic bag and place it into a stronger kit. Then, you ensure the kit is properly sealed to prevent moisture and mold. It conveniently comes in an easily stored kit of its own. 

3. Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Powder

If you are preparing an emergency food supply, you have likely already come across the brand Augason Farms. They are well known for their high quality and extended shelf-life, which makes them a great option for emergency preppers. Their quality is also evident in their powdered eggs, which contain no gluten, additives, or unnecessary fillers.

They are also a relatively affordable option, as they sell high quantities with a long shelf-life. For example, their powdered eggs come in a can with a ten year shelf life. This means that these eggs will last long into the future, reducing the need to regularly purchase replacements.

This cuts down on the amount of spending you need to make on your emergency food supply. It also leaves you with much better peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared for the future and don’t have to be concerned about any short-term issues popping up. Each can of Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Powder is about 2 pounds, which is the equivalent of just over 70 eggs. This is more than enough to feed a single person for a few weeks or a larger quantity of people for many days. 

4. Sonstegard Powdered Egg Mix

While some prefer to purchase their powdered eggs in bulk, others prefer to buy it in smaller packages. There are many reasons for this, such as preferring to keep smaller portions of your powdered eggs as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

For example, if you purchase a box of Sonstegard Powdered Egg Mix, you will get several individually wrapped pouches of 6 ounces each. This means that, in case of an emergency, you can open a single pouch. So, use it completely without worrying about preserving the rest of your powdered eggs. They will remain fresh and sealed until you need them.

Sonstegard Powdered Egg Mix is also known for their USDA inspected eggs, all natural ingredients, and adherence to strict FDA guidelines. The perfect option for someone who lives alone, or simply prefers to prioritize fresh quality eggs over quantity of eggs stored.

However, you should note that Sonstegard Powdered Egg Mix is typically only viable for up to one year after its manufacturing. This means you may have to check your inventory every year and replace those that have expired. 

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