Preparedness Quick Tip #2: Office Emergency Kit

Preparedness Quick Tip #2 -- Create an office emergency kit to keep near your workspace in the event of an emergency. Get a free downloadable checlist here!

Preparedness Quick Tip #2: Create an Office Emergency Kit

If you work away from home, it would be a great idea to stash a small emergency kit at your desk or in your locker. If, in the event of an emergency lock-down, natural or man made disaster, power outage or other event, you would have what you would need to get you through the event and out of the building and to your car.

Taking it one step further, in case your car has been compromised, and you can take your go-bag inside with you, do so. If not, be sure to also include some small items such as a map of the area with escape routes marked, an emergency blanket, lighter, garbage bag and a collapsible backpack. This can get you out of the area to a place of safety in the event of a natural disaster like a tornado or explosion in the area.

If you have an office emergency kit, what supplies do you keep in it?

Get a full list of my recommended items here!


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