Stay Informed in Case of an Emergency (Preparedness Quick Tip #32)

Have you ever found yourself surprised by a storm that came that you weren’t expecting? Have you found yourself not aware of a local emergency and caught off guard? To avoid all of these uncomfortable situations, just stay informed!

Mom with a PREP | Preparedness Quick Tip #32: Stay informed of local area information to help insure that you are PREPared for any emergency.

Why and How to Stay Informed?

It’s important to stay informed of what is going on in your area, in your region, and in your country. I’m not recommending that you make yourself a slave to the media and what they have to say, but be sure that you keep informed of things like local weather, regional emergencies, etc. Don’t be caught off guard by someone coming to your door to ask you to evacuate and not have yourself PREPared for the wildfire that is raging through your region, or be surprised by a tornado in your area because you weren’t keeping track of the oncoming storm.  

Use weather alert apps on your phones, glance at the headlines, and be aware of your surroundings. Keep PREPared.

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