Preparedness Quick Tip #35 – Bubble Wrap

Preparedness Quick Tip #35 - Bubble Wrap your windows for added insulation in the winter.

There are all sorts of ways to insulate poorly performing windows in the winter, from insulating curtains, to plastic shrink-wrapped covers to blankets. But if you have access to large sheets of bubble wrap, use this hack to create quick and easy insulating sheets for your windows.

For most windows, you’ll only get an R1-R2 boost in insulating value, but that boost, added with blankets or insulating curtains, etc., will give you that much more protection if you’re hurting for ways to keep your house warm in an emergency. They go up in just a few minutes, come down quickly, and can be stored season to season.


1. Measure window.

2. Cut bubble wrap sheeting to the size of the window.

3. Spray window with thin film of water.

4. Press bubble wrap to the window with the bubble side facing the window.

These pull down simply by pulling from a corner gently and can be reused for another season.

Are there better ways to insulate? You betcha. But in an emergency situation such as a power outage or you’re just so broke to purchase window wraps or better windows or another house,  if you happen to have bubble wrap on hand, it’s quick and easy way to add a little extra insulation to a window that may not be the best.

Word of caution:

The desire to go “pop” the window will be great. So truly great. Resist that desire with all that you have. The more bubbles you pop, the less insulation value it gives you.

Resist the urge, friend, resist the urge!

You know, the best quick tip might be to just go out and buy bubble wrap for some stress relief. Forget the windows. You can always buy some snuggies.


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