Off-Grid Mixer (Preparedness Quick Tip #37)

Learn how to make an off-grid mixer for the moments when it’s no electricity!

Mom with a PREP | Preparedness Quick Tip #37: Create an off-grid mixer . BRILLIANT!

When You Need an Off-Grid Mixer

We were watching an old episode of Good Eats this week, and this connected with me in a big way!

During his “Going Dutch” episode (which is available on Netflix now), Alton was showing some ideas for power outages, and this is what he used to come up with as a way to beat egg whites. This won’t make beating 3X a cookie dough recipe at once or kneading bread, but it can help with smaller jobs just to make it easier, especially if you add in some egg beaters to help!

This won’t replace what a Kitchen Aid mixer can do, but for a lot of smaller jobs, having this to help save some work is a great idea! What are other ways that you can find in your kitchen to help you replace regular powered equipment with an ‘off-grid’ solution?

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