Preparedness Quick Tip #11: Ready to Eat

PQT #11 - LUNCH TIME - is your meal coming from a can or a bag today? Check out why it would be good to stock canned or bagged foods for an emergency at MomwithaPREP!

In some situations, cooking isn’t going to be an option, even if you have every off-grid cooking appliance available. In those cases, you need some meals that are ready to eat the minute they’re opened. Think raviolis, canned beef stew, canned meats, protein bars, peanut butter and pretzels, and even the military MRE’s (meals ready to eat). Having a can or two in your car’s emergency box and a few on your shelves in the pantry may really come in handy the day something happens and you don’t have access to cooking anything. They may not be the healthiest of options for day to day living, but stored for real emergencies, they may be an only option.

Some folks rely on emergency ration bars that are easy to store, have lots of calories, and are good for short term nutrition without the fuss of getting something ready, lots of trash and easy portability. Some use MRE’s from a military supplier, which again, are good for a short-term emergency and packed with calories, but they aren’t always the best choice for you (read my review of an MRE we tested one out with our family).

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