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Take a First Aid Class (Preparedness Quick Tip #16)

In almost every emergency situation you are in, whether it is a car wreck, a scraped knee on the playground, an active shooter, or a natural or man-made disaster, YOU are most likely going to be the first responder. Help from emergency responders may take a while to arrive. Having some background in basic first aid training can be an invaluable tool to help save lives.

PQT # 16 -- Take a First Aid Class to help save a life.

What First Aid Class You Should Take

  • Take a basic First Aid Course – whether through your local emergency responder classes, the Y, the Ameican Red Cross, or another venue.
  • Take a CPR class – CPR training isn’t always available through first aid courses, or you can choose to take a separate class to be certified. These are also offered through many civil defense groups, city or county emergency responder groups, local recreation centers, and the American Red Cross.
  • More than the Basics First Aid Classes – if you really want to learn, take a course in more than just basic first aid. One such class is offered by The Patriot Nurse, where you get an intensive course on more than just how to do a tourniquet or pressure bandage a wound.
  • Stock up your Medical Library – get first aid books that you can study and keep as a reference.
  • Learn techniques on YouTube – make sure you’re dealing with someone who is medically sound and learns basic techniques, even if you’re so remote you can’t take a first aid class. While these won’t substitute for real medical training, they can make you familiar with basic techniques (though I’m not sure I’d want to watch a video on youtube to learn how to remove an appendix from some dude doing it in his backyard).

And just so that you know that I do heed my own advice — my son and I took a first aid class and you can read about it here. YOU are a first responder. Make it count!

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