Add Games in Your Emergency Bag (Preparedness Quick Tip #21)

Why pack for an emergency some games too?

Even in daily life, we find ourselves stuck in lines, stuck waiting, just stuck, and wish we had something that could occupy our time. An emergency situation might leave you with the time that needs occupying, too, especially if you have children around who get bored.

PQT #21 - Light entertainment can make a power outage, waiting for rescue, or even long-term emergencies easier to deal with.

What Games to Add in Your Emergency Bag?

Why not pack some playing cards, some dice, some colors, a few books, or other time spending devices to help occupy some of the downtimes that might come from waiting. Or develop some family story and word games that you can play to help keep your kids talking and not focusing inward on their fear? You may be in a shelter or in a motel with no power, or in your car, stuck on the side of the road and waiting for help to arrive.

Our kids take their cues on how to react to situations from us. So if we can provide a calm, safe, fun environment for them, they’re more likely to be able to relax and not be full of fear. 

Being in an emergency isn’t all fun and games, but having fun and games at your disposal may help you pass the time better!

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