The Importance of Having an Escape Plan (Preparedness Quick Tip #29)

Does your place of business or house of worship have an emergency evacuation plan set in place? By law, they have to, but they may not have done it, may not have enough posts, or may not have updated it in a while.

Preparedness Quick Tip #29 - Develop your own emergency escape plan from your place of work, or your place of business. Even if they have something posted nearby, you may not always be in  your office or typical space when you need to exit quickly.

Why You Should Always Have an Escape Plan?

However, don’t count on them to help you be familiar with the places you spendĀ the most time outsideĀ of your home. Take time to learn ALL the available exits from your building so that you have a plan no matter where you are located. Also, note any safe spots that you might be able to find in case an outside evacuation is not possible.

Practice taking different exits to get out of your building so that you are familiar with what is outside, too. If you have to exit out of an unfamiliar area of your building, this will help you know exactly where to go next to get to safety.

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