Preparedness Quick Tip #3: Make a Mini EDC

Preparedness Quick Tip #3: Mini EDC {Mom with a Prep Blog}

Preparedness Quick Tip #3: Create a Mini EDC

Want to have some handy tools around with you all of the time? Get rid of the little fru-fru key chain fobs and add in some mini key chain tools. Here are just a few suggestions that you can choose from to make this work for you:

and any other thing that you feel would benefit you, and you’ve got your own mini-EDC (everyday carry). My favorite? This small key chain nail clipper – more for everyday convenience than anything, but it has definitely come in handy!

All that stuff on my key chain?

Be sure to make the most of your key chain without adding a ton of extra weight to it which might damage your ignition. You’ll want to be sure it’s streamlined enough to be able to throw into your pocket easily.

What do you carry on your key chain that could help you out in an emergency?

Extend your EDC

If you want to extend your Everyday Carry EDC to more than just what you carry on your key chain? Check out Mom’s EDC: What I Carry in My Pockets in Case the Zombies Arise


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Preparedness Quick Tip #3: What do you carry on your keychain that could help you out in an emergency? {Mom with a Prep}

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