Be a Blessing to Others (Preparedness Quick Tip #39)

Think about this. Not only can you use your preparedness items and skills to help your own family, but you can also be a blessing to others going through hard times.

Think on this:  Do you have extra products in your stash that you can bless them with to help them rebuild? It’s another way of looking at how you can use your preps to bless others.

Why We Should Be a Blessing to Others?

Living in a world full of isolationists without regard for our neighbor is not what God intends for His Creation. The tendency amongst so many people of this idea is that we have to be in this only for ourselves. But that kind of extreme isolationism doesn’t allow for grace or mercy or simple acts of kindness for our family, friends, and neighbors, regardless of how much they’ve prepared.

I’m never one to shame anyone into doing something against their conscience, but please think about these things.

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