Preparedness Quick Tip #46 – Fill it with Water

Preparedness Quick Tip #46 - Fill it With Water. If you have an impending emergency (hurricane, etc.), and you have time to safely do this, fill everything in your home that can hold water with water. It will give you both drinking water and grey water to get through the days after when the water supply may be tainted or may be unavailable. Get more Preparedness Quick Tips at

When you have an impending emegency, like a hurricane or even neighborhood wide water cut-off, fill everything in your house you can think of with water.

Fill It with Water – Emergency Containers

  • Containers
  • Bathtub (this is a good place to use a Water Bob or similar product that can protect that water and keep it useful for drinking and protect small children and animals from being harmed).
  • Jugs
  • Washing Machine – your machine can be filled up with water to use for drinking or grey water, or even with ice to help preserve food early on, and eventually melts into the water you might need later.
  • Bowls – we use a few of our smaller mixing bowls to have ready water for our cats. 
  • Buckets – we keep a stack of old kitty litter buckets behind the cats’ area in the garage just for this use. The buckets can be used for other things as well, but we know we have a stack of grey water buckets ready to be filled to flush toilets at least.
  • Sinks – I can keep the extra side of the sink filled with water + bleach for a quick sanitizing area for cleaning and soaking.
  • Pasta Pot – it’s convenient to fill and store on top of the stove. If you still have electricity or gas, you can keep it at a small boil to provide a safe place to sterilize.
  • Jars – many people store their empty canning jars full of water on a full time basis to always have some avaialable. 

This way, if your water supply is cut off or requires boiling in the aftermath, you’ve got a good supply to be used for both fresh and grey water usages. 

Use the grey water (that water that isn’t good for drinking yet doesn’t need to be boiled to be safe) for things like flushing toilets, washing clothes, etc.

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