Preparedness Quick Tip #5: Storing Extra Toilet Paper

PQT #5 - Where are you gonna store all that toilet paper?!
When your 100 year toilet paper wall begins to topple, there’s an easy way to store it safely and more compactly. Simply remove the cardboard cores from the middle of the roll, squash the roll down as flat as you can, and store in plastic sweater boxes or 5 gallon buckets. These stack much more efficiently than the odd shaped toilet paper packages, giving you more room to store more!

When you are ready to use a stored roll, you can either just put it on your holder as is (which can get messy over time depending on how well rolled the original roll is), or reinsert a core that will fit onto your toilet paper rod. You can get a small piece of PVC that will fit right into the tube and then slips right onto the rod.


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