Why Tie Your Shoes with Paracord (Preparedness Quick Tip #7)

This week’s Preparedness Quick Tip is an old trick from survival and hiking pros that we’ve put to the test. Learn why you should tie your shoes using a Paracord!

PQT #7 - Alternative Shoe Laces that can safe your life!

Tie Your Shoes with a Paracord to Be Prepared!

If you want to find a different way to carry lengths of paracord without carrying a survival bracelet or haven’t made a belt, yet, replace the laces in your shoes with paracord. The lengths won’t be as long, but there’s more there than you might think. Especially if you do it with your hiking boots. You can make them longer and wrap some of the excess lengths around your ankle. To make lacing easier, melt the ends with a lighter, and form them into aglets (you know, that little plastic piece on the ends of your shoelaces – it really does have a name). You can even pull back the sheathing, cut a length of the core out, and then melt the sheathing to create the aglet to make it even easier.

That extra 2′-3′ of the cord can be enough to help secure a splint, become a tourniquet for a wound, tie small bundles of kindling/firewood, and more.

We knot ours in a double knot, and we found that they wear better than shoelaces in the kids’ trainers, and we have far fewer, “Jimmy, please tie your shoes again!” moments.

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