Preparedness Quick Tip #8: Use Tampons for Emergency First Aid

PQT #8 - Tampons for first aid. really.

One reader reminded me, on my Mom’s EDC article, that she includes a tampon and maxi-pad in her carry, not only because it serves a purpose for about 3/4 of the women on the planet in a time of need, but they can also be used to help in first aid situations.

Uses for Tampons in First Aid:

  • Use to stop flow of blood in case of a broken or bloodied nose
  • Use to stop blood flow from a penetration wound until proper first aid can be found
  • Taken apart to use as packing for any wound.

(can also be used for tinder, filters, and more – see link below)

Uses for a Maxi-pad in First Aid:

  • Use as a dressing for cuts and wounds.
  • Use as a padding for splinting to keep splint products from creating more damage.
  • Use as an eye patch in cases of damage or debris

While I have them in my Bug Out Bag, I usually only carry one for short periods of time in my EDC (*wink *wink), but now, one will reside full time.

Want to know more reasons why these super-tools of preparedness should be in your bag, even if you’re a guy? (don’t squirm boys, really, this is useful stuff!)

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