Why Keep Your Car Filled with Gas? (Preparedness Tip #9)

You know when you hear things from many different directions all at the same time, you think..hmm..I outta pay attention to that. Here’s mine for this week: Keep your car filled with gas!

PQT #9 - Fill'er up!

Why You Should Keep Your Car Filled with Gas?

This is a Quick Tip that your Daddy probably even told you when you got your first car. Never let it get below half a tank. I didn’t often follow that rule as I’d have plenty of mornings getting up and asking, “Please let there be enough fumes to get me to the gas station.” My preparedness living mindset is having me think a little better about filling up before I’m on fumes, but after reading both The Survival Mom’s story and Survival Sherpa’s instructions on how to siphon, I’m even more determined to make sure my car has enough gas to get out of own if ever the need arises.

If you have to run to take your child to the emergency room…and you realized your car is sitting on empty; if you get a visit from the local Sheriff that a fire is about to engulf your neighborhood and you have to leave now, but you are sitting on empty; any number of other stories where you need that car, but you’re sitting on empty – what are you going to do? It’s just safe, it’s prudent, and it’s preparedness-minded to have your car ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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