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Creating Self-Reliant Kids: Prepper Pete Prepares Child’s Book

We all know the story about the ant and the grasshopper, right?

In this new book series, geared towards children (5-10), Kermit Jones, Jr. brings the ant right to our bedside story time with Prepper Pete! A resourceful ant who knows the importance of being prepared for all kinds of scenarios and wants to teach children the importance of being prepared, too!

I read it for you! Prepper Pete Prepares: A Child's book on being prepared | Mom with a PREP

Jones takes Prepper Pete through each major scenario and how he prepares for his family: Weather disasters, war, social upheaval, economic collapse, pandemic, etc., but does so in a way that just introduces the disaster and the things he can do to help his family survive. (Though, on a side note, I do feel that there are ways to prepare for a pandemic besides just exercising and being healthy – medical training and stockpiling is a must!)

The clever illustrations and gentle words helps bring the idea of preparedness to a child without causing strife to those who are unfamiliar with the concept, and encouragement for those who are already preparedness-minded. There’s nothing like a child’s book to give us that “A-HA! We do that, too!” for those kids who are already preppers at heart.

Prepper Pete Prepares: An Introduction to Prepping for Kids (Prepper...

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I love that through the whole book, the grasshopper is unprepared and in trouble :) Quite appropriate to the original fable, don’t you think?

One thing I really do wish is that Prepper Pete had his children more involved in the planning and preparing since it is a book geared towards children. While Pete’s children are in the photos, it’s Pete doing all the work for his family. Let’s get our kids involved in preparing for OUR families! You’d be amazed at the ideas and the help they will be.

I love the positive message that ends the book.

“Some people are prepared because they are afraid.
Our family is not afraid because….
we are prepared!”
—Prepper Pete

You can follow Prepper Pete and his friends on Facebook and at their website. You can grab the e-book or softcover of Prepper Pete Prepares at your bookstore or Amazon.com

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Coming soon
Prepper Pete’s Gun of a Son (a book on gun safety)
Prepper Pete’s Be Prepared
Survival Sam Stocks Up
Prepper Pete Gets Out of Dodge!

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