Product Highlight: Freeze Dried Raspberries

My Thoughts on Freeze Dried Raspberries

Freeze dried raspberries were the first freeze dried fruit I ever tried.  I remember being so impressed with how real they looked.  They were little raspberries that were so dry I could crush them in my hand.  The flavor was so strong!  I was hooked and started ordering more freeze dried fruits.

The raspberries are still up there on the list of my favorite freeze dried fruits.  They are great dry as a snack.  They are great hydrated in smoothies and sauces and I use them to make a fabulous raspberry honey butter.



Crush to a powder

If you would like to use them in a sauce, crush them to a powder before hydrating them.  Your sauce will turn out much smoother this way.

Use less than you think

The flavor is strong!  If you want to add just a bit of raspberry flavor to your lemonade, sauce, or smoothies, I suggest adding a little less than you think you will need and then tasting it before adding more.

Keep the lid on!

If you live in a humid area and want to make the best use of your raspberries (and other fruit actually), I suggest keeping the lid on the #10 can of raspberries.  They hydrate quickly in humid weather and you won’t be able to use them as effectively.  I suggest purchasing a pantry can to eat / cook out of.  Then, just refill your pantry can a few times from your #10 can.

I store and use THRIVE Freeze Dried Raspberries As such, everything else I mention below will be about THRIVE Freeze Dried Raspberries.


Each #10 can contains the equivalent of about 36 6oz pkgs of fresh raspberries.

Price vs grocery store?

At about $0.80 per 6 oz pkg, these raspberries are a fabulous deal!

See current pricing here.

Sizes Available:

Pantry Can: About 2 1/2 cups by volume.

#10 Can: About 12 cups by volume.

Case: Six #10 cans About 72 cups by volume

Save an additional 5% when you purchase it in a case

Find All Sizes Here

Shelf Life:

25 years unopened and 18 mo opened. I



Food Storage Smoothies

Raspberry Chia Seed Jam

Raspberry Passion Smoothie

Chocolate Raspberry Shortcake


Raspberry Bread Pudding




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  1. As we’ve gotten new pots, pans, or utensils I have put some of the old ones in a box for emergency preparedness. I have some paper products. I need to add bottles, bowls, and always more napkins and wipes.


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