2022 Review of “The Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family”

The reality of prepping is that it is mostly a man’s field; manuals are written with a masculine audience; most websites & forums are written by men for a male audience; most books are written by men for a male audience; fictional stories are written by men (and quite sexist, I might add).

The alternative is the food storage mom or homestead/farming mom who focuses mostly on storing food or homesteading. It is rare to see someone bridge the gap between the two.

Survival Mom Summary

Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios by Lisa Bedford (Harper One) is definitely written from a mom’s perspective on things for other moms beginning to feel the need to go further than just storing a few week’s worths of food in their pantry for some reason. It goes beyond a simple tornado or hurricane disaster mentality to more serious concerns of longer-term situations that we really need to be prepared for, but not done so in a voice fueled by testosterone-driven fear, panic, and mayhem.

Taking you through each level of preparedness, Lisa’s book talks you through the ideas of preparedness from the viewpoint of a Mom taking care of her family. She starts with basic emergency preparedness for everyone – storing water, storing food, sanitation, and alternative cooking/energy and talks you through more worst-case scenarios and how to handle becoming a long-term preparedness expert in your own home. She does it with a voice like the next-door neighbor you’re having over for coffee who is explaining how to get your kids into the best preschool – with care and humor, but serious about her subject.

Chapters from the Book

While focusing on the basics of food water and sanitation issues, Mrs. Bedford also gives focuses on accomplishing each step by giving you Baby Steps, Prepared Family Checklists, Family Preparedness Plans, and stories from other Survival Moms to encourage you to do more. And do more you can. This isn’t just about a checklist of what to put in your pantry and your To-Go-bag. This is more – such as 10 Non-Edibles for Your Stash, First Aid Every Survival Mom Should Know, Do I Really Need to Learn How to Shoot a Gun?, Survival Mom Extras (recipes and resources), and The 4 Awareness Stages of the Survival Mom.

Personal Review on the “Survival Mom” Book

4 Stages of Awareness of a "Survival Mom"  | Survival Mom book review | Mom with a Prep {blog}

See? I said with care and humor….but totally serious! I feel the same way!

I’ve read a lot of books on prepping, and usually feel myself being bogged down with military-style checklists, being told I can’t possibly survive because I don’t have military training or am not a man (silly women aren’t worth more than having babies and doing the food preps and wringing their hands), or have the personal prepping budget of a gazillionaire. The Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family makes preparedness accessible and encourages me to push past any fear of what might be coming to empower myself to take care of my family and do what needs to be done. I recommend it for anyone interested in learning how to prepare for the smallest of inconveniences to the most major of life-altering catastrophes.

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How to Get the “Survival Mom” Book

Disclaimer: When The Survival Mom book was released, I was really excited but had to put off purchasing it because all of my spare money was going into stocking up my family for our own world-ending circumstances, and my public library did not carry the book. A year later, I entered a blog contest from Simply Preparing and won! Mrs. Bedford has not paid for this endorsement nor traded any services for such.

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Katy Willis is a writer, lifelong homesteader, and master herbalist, master gardener, and canine nutritionist. Katy is a preparedness expert and modern homesteader practicing everyday preparedness, sustainability, and a holistic lifestyle.

She knows how important it is to be prepared for whatever life throws at you, because you just never know what's coming. And preparedness helps you give your family the best chance to thrive in any situation.

Katy is passionate about living naturally, growing food, keeping livestock, foraging, and making and using herbal remedies. Katy is an experienced herbalist and a member of the CMA (Complementary Medical Association).

Her preparedness skills go beyond just being "ready", she's ready to survive the initial disaster, and thrive afterward, too. She grows 100% organic food on roughly 15 acres and raises goats, chickens, and ducks. She also lovingly tends her orchard, where she grows many different fruit trees. And, because she likes to know exactly what she's feeding her family, she's a seasoned from-scratch cook and gluten-free baker.

Katy teaches foraging and environmental education classes, too, including self-sufficient living, modern homesteading, seed saving, and organic vegetable gardening.

Katy helps others learn forgotten skills, including basic survival skills and self-reliance.

She's been published on sites such as MSN, Angi, Home Advisor, Family Handyman, Wealth of Geeks, Readers Digest, and more.

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