12 States Where You’re Most Likely to See Bigfoot

People have been reporting Bigfoot sightings in America for hundreds of years. They’ve offered up everything from photos and videos to hair samples, footprint casts, and sound recordings as “proof” of their close encounters with this mysterious cryptid. And it’s not just in America, either. There are reports of Bigfoot or Bigfoot-like creatures from many cultures, all over the world.

And, while there are plenty of skeptics out there, plenty of people believe in the presence of these humanoid beings, too. Lots of people go on Bigfoot-tracking expeditions, hoping to find proof or to have their own close encounters.

So, if you’re a believer and you want to try and get a firsthand Bigfoot sighting, where should you look? The Bigfoot Field Researcher’s Organization tracks all reported sightings, and I’ve put together a list of the 12 states with the most Bigfoot sightings, so you can plan your next cryptid-tracking adventure.

What Exactly Is Bigfoot?

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Also known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot is a cryptid that resembles a large, human/ape-like bipedal creature. Cryptozoologists and cryptid enthusiasts believe that Bigfoot beings can be found in the forests of North America, particularly the Pacific Northwest. But tales of similar beings exist all over the world, from the Australian Yowiw to the European Wild Man and the Yeti of Asia.

1. Washington

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There are 715 credible Bigfoot sightings in Washington, with the most recent report in January 2024. Pierce County has the most sightings, with a whopping 84, followed by Skamania with 65 and Snohomish County with 59. Based on the available data, it seems that your best place for Sasquatch sightings is Pierce County, Washington.

2. California

Stockon, California
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California puts on a respectable showing, with 461 credible sightings focused mostly around the northern woods. Humbolt has the most Bigfoot reports, with 47, the latest being January of 22. Tuolumne comes a close second at 38 reports, then Siskiyou with 31.

3. Florida

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Florida has 343 credible sightings, according to the BFRO, which I found surprising. Not sure why, but I just didn’t picture Bigfoot spending much time in Florida. Collier County has 21 sightings, but hasn’t had any new credible sightings since 2012. Marion County has recorded 19 reports and both Lake County and Polk County claim 18 each.

4. Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio
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There have been 321 reported and credible Bigfoot sightings in Ohio, with the most – 19 – being in Portage County. Guernsey County has the next most sightings with 16, followed by Columbiana with 13.

5. Illinois

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With a total of 303 credible reports, Illinois is a solid option for Bigfoot adventurers. If Illinois is your Bigfoot expedition state of choice, you’ll have the most luck in Madison County, which has 24 credible sightings. Jackson County has 20 reports and Cook County has 16, so those are reasonable backup options.

6. Oregon

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Oregon has 258 credible sightings of Bigfoot, with the most recent being in Clackamas County in August of 2023. If Oregon is where you want to track Sasquatch, try Josephine County, as that has 21 credible reports, while Douglas, Lane, and Umatilla counties each have 17.

7. Texas

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Close behind Oregon is Texas, with 255 sightings deemed credible by the BFRO. Texas, as you know, is huge and has so many different habitats and terrains, and plenty of forests and wilderness, so it makes sense that Bigfoot has made an appearance in the Big Sky state. But you need to narrow your search if you want to spot Sasquatch here. Try Montgomery County, with its 16 credible reported sightings. Alternatively, go for Cass County or Liberty County with 10 sightings a piece.

8. Michigan

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Next comes Michigan, with 225 reported sightings deemed reliable. The most recent was in February 2022 in Mackinac County. Delta County has the most sightings with 11 credible reports, followed by Oscoda with 10 and Marquette with 9.

9. Missouri

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With only 167 sightings, Missouri isn’t the most likely state in which to see Bigfoot. However, it’s possible. The most recent sighting was in August, 20203 in Clinton County. The most reported sightings in any one county is 9, in Jackson County. Taney and Crawford counties both have 7 reports a piece.

10. Georgia

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Georgia only has 140 sightings, but the most recent was in December of 2022, so there’s some credible fairly recent activity. White County has the most with 11 reports, followed by Paulding with 9.

11. Colorado

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Colorado has a grand total of 130 credible Bigfoot sightings, and 13 of those were in Park County. Teller County has 9, while Conejos has 8.

12. Pennsylvania

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Close on Colorado’s heels is Pennsylvania, with 127 Bigfoot sightings deemed credible by the BFRO. Of those, Allegheny and Cambria counties have the most, with 9 reports each. The most recent credible report in Pennsylvania was in December 2022, in Potter County.

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