72 Hour Kit Ideas Week #22: Cash

Welcome! Week #22 in a step by step 72 hour kit series.  Makes building a robust, personalized 72 hour kit affordable and do-able!

Welcome to week #22 in the “72 Hour Kit Ideas: A week by week approach” series.

This series is all about making it simple and do-able to get a 72 hour kit put together for you and your family.

Creating such a kit can be overwhelming and financially difficult to do all at once. But through this series, I’ve broken it down for you into 26 small steps! You can see all the steps here. Just take one small baby step each week and in 6 months you will have a well stocked, personalized kit!

You can even go through the series a few times over a year or two adding just the most basic supplies the first six months and then a few more “extra” supplies each time you cycle through it again.

Want even more help?Build a robust, personalized 72 hour kit one week at a time over 26 weeks

This series is also available as an e-book. Purchasing the e-book gives you a few additional benefits over just reading the free series:

  • Additional details and tips
  • The ability to print the entire book!
  • Pictures of my own kit showing just how I pack each week.
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Last Week:

I hope all of you were able to get what you will need for your pets last week!

Week#12: Cash

In a true disaster, if the power is out, you will not be able to use credit card machines, ATMs, etc.  You will need to have cash.  This week, add cash to your kit!

Make sure that most of the cash you add is in very small bills.  Others may not have change, so if all you’ve got is a $50 bill and you need $10 in gas, that $10 of gas is going to cost you $50!  I suggest having mostly $1 bills with a few $5 and $10.  I also suggest having a roll of quarters so you can use pay phones if needed.


What We Have Done in Our Family:

We have about $200 in our kits.  $150 of it is in $1 bills.  The rest is in $5 and $10 bills.

There is nothing magic about this number.  That is just how much I have gathered and put into our kits so far. I will continue adding to it every month.  Just do what you can!  Anything is better than nothing!

How About You?

Do you already have cash in your kit?  Does having that there make you feel a bit more secure?

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96 thoughts on “72 Hour Kit Ideas Week #22: Cash”

  1. We don’t have a solar charger yet, but it is on my list. I like the cord belt idea-there are so many ways to use it in both belt form and unraveled. This sight has really helped me get on track and breaking it down into steps makes it more manageable and not so overwhelming. Thank you for the great information.

  2. I love your tips, especially the $1 addition to the packs – so easy to do. We just added 3 colors of paracord, a compass and I made a sewing kit fit into an old prescription bottle. I need to go back and add duct tape and I still need to buy a radio. Thank you for the great info.!

  3. Congrats to Christa! Misty…so glad you keep re-running these posts. I STILL need to add the razor blades & the compass. I did add a US map though. And today, when I bought lemons, I saved the mesh bag. Thought it might come in handy for something, weighs next to nothing & takes up little space. “When life hands you lemons, save the mesh bag.” 😉


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