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How to Make a Knot-Tying & Paracord Bracelets

On Friday’s, we do a Teachable Moment for Preparedness where we all pitch in and learn a new survival skill, preparedness concept or work on a project together. It’s part of our homeschool and life skills/preparedness independent studies class.

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How to Make a Paracord Bracelet: Video Tutorial

Part of the challenge involves following written & visual directions, problem solving, and knot tying. It was a great way to let my children go with an activity with little direction from me other than a brief discussion on how to adapt the instructions to our particular needs. The goal is to get the kids familiar with different types of knots, the uses for paracord, and being able to see ways that paracord can be useful for more than just “jewelry”.

We use this as a great knot-tying tutorial site that is awesome as each of the knots are animated here you can change the speed to follow along in learning to tie the knot.

We followed THIS TUTORIAL for the paracord bracelet, and it was fairly straightforward.

How to Make a Paracord Bracelet from Food Storage & Survival
from Food Storage & Survival

Here is a video you can follow that is easy to follow

Here is another video tutorial on creating a simple paracord bracelet without any hardware:

YOUR THOUGHTS: What skills do you need to help your children learn – or that you need to learn for yourself?

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