The Family Preparedness Group on Facebook

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The Family Preparedness Group on Facebook

Have you ever wanted to go someplace and just talk about your questions about preparedness? The forums of those survivalist groups seem scary, the food storage groups don’t like to talk about anything other than just food storage, and websites aren’t always great for facilitating discussion.

Come join us on Facebook in the Family Preparedness group! We’re a new, eager Facebook group all about empowering women to become prepared for their families. It’s a sister-project to our Pinterest Board hosted by me, Jennifer of¬†,¬†Bunny Wickham (Home & Family Preparedness) and Julie from

Our goal is to help each other become more prepared for what life throws at us, by learning new skills and subjects not limited to canning and food storage – but including survival methods, preparing and educating our children, self defense and more! Come join us, won’t you?

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