Keep the Little Red Wagon for Emergencies

Here is how my brain works on 3 hrs of sleep, a nuclear threat from North Korea, and a brain that really DOESN’T need more caffeine.

The Moral of the Story: Don't Give Up Your Little Red Wagon  |  {Mom with a Prep}

Where the Story Began

Read on CNN that North Korea has loaded missiles into its launchers today. I’m not really worried that they can hit the continental US, but the EMP effect that comes is definitely more daunting. So, if it happens, what are our first moves? I go get the bleach and do a quick swab around the bathtub and get it started filling up. I get up the hubster and send him off to gas up the car, and grab what he can from the grocery store.

Why the Little Red Wagon?

Wait…let’s grab the wagon from the garage and throw it into the backseat- take the oldest with you to help grab necessities, and if the EMP does strike you can still pull the groceries home (make sure you go armed, sweetie, this is why we got them! The oldest can take his throwing knives).

The Little Red Wagon is Helpful During an Emergency

I will run-up to the feed store and grab all the seeds we can get plus go by the ATM and cash out. Wait – go turn off the tub – it’s full now. OH! Fill up the washing machine, too! The wet clothes can go on the line later. Crap, why didn’t I go ahead and plant last weekend while it was nice? Do we have enough scrap wood to BBQ all the meat in the freezer….can I dehydrate without electricity and not have flies everywhere?

Wait, hon, I might need the wagon to carry home the palettes they have down the block that won’t fit into the car – at least we can build a chicken coop (CHICKENS..we forgot to buy some chickens – oh wait, maybe the neighbor with the illegal rooster will let us buy a few chickens off him) and a dehydrator for outdoors, I’ll just take the screening off the old window screens that don’t fit now – oh, wait, we can at least build a frame out of some of that palette wood to reattach the screens too so we can get a little air since we won’t be able to run the AC (oh man…our bill sure will go down won’t it – yes, I seriously thought that- don’t judge me, I really haven’t had much sleep).

SQUIRREL – really, there’s a cute little squirrel right out the window right now…hmm…the boys’ .22 is right inside our bedroom door, will I actually be able to kill a creature and dress it and cook it and then really eat it? I will be able to shoot it, might be able to dress it, can definitely cook, but can I actually eat something I just saw being so cute in my front yard?

Water. I know we don’t have enough water…but there’s the creek about 1/4 of the mile from the house. We can at least use the wagon to take containers down to fill up, then bring it home to sanitize. Wonder if we can hook it up to the bikes. At least we’ll have that for a little while. I bet that I’m going to definitely lose some weight with all the bike riding and dragging that wagon around (yes, I actually thought this, too)

More Ways to Use a Wagon in an Emergency Situation

I can get the other little to take the wagon down to the park and grab all of the pine cones on the ground we can use for kindling in the fireplace. It’s about to be summer (we only get 2 weeks of spring here), so we won’t really need the fire, yet, but better to have it now. Oh! Take a few grocery bags and fill them with gravel and acorns while you’re at it – we can use the gravel for water filters and all the containers we’ll be planting in now plus I’ll finally be able to figure out how to make acorn flour.

Better be sure to go print those instructions off while we still have electricity. Oh, Kindle, I’ll miss you so much! WAIT! hand-crank radio..will it power my Kindle, too? Wonder if I wrap it in aluminum foil..will that protect it?

Is anyone else going to think to hit up the ice cream store that also sells dairy and grocery items in the side room? hmm..we might want to hit it up when we visit the feed store – good thing I have the wagon in case we score. The munchkin and I can’t carry everything home.

We know we probably can’t stay here forever, but will that wagon make the 3-day bike trip to our escape house? It’s better than nothing, and it will help us bring more necessities with us, and we can refill our bags with things we use on the road.

Don’t Get Rid of the Little Red Wagon!

This really was the brain at play this morning in the span of about 4 minutes. We’re by no means prepared enough for much of anything, yet. We’re working that way, and it’s amazing how my brain works now to think through the situations than it used to.

But the moral of the story here is, that you can get rid of all the other baby toys and clothes you have, but don’t get rid of that Little Red Wagon – it’ll come in handy one day 🙂

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Katy Willis is a writer, lifelong homesteader, and master herbalist, master gardener, and canine nutritionist. Katy is a preparedness expert and modern homesteader practicing everyday preparedness, sustainability, and a holistic lifestyle.

She knows how important it is to be prepared for whatever life throws at you, because you just never know what's coming. And preparedness helps you give your family the best chance to thrive in any situation.

Katy is passionate about living naturally, growing food, keeping livestock, foraging, and making and using herbal remedies. Katy is an experienced herbalist and a member of the CMA (Complementary Medical Association).

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Katy teaches foraging and environmental education classes, too, including self-sufficient living, modern homesteading, seed saving, and organic vegetable gardening.

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