This Little Light of Mine – EDC LED Keychain Flashlight Review

As I get older,  I’m noticing I’m having more and more trouble seeing in low light/odd light situations. Trying to open my husband’s car door with my keys in less than desirable light is frustrating to say the least (I’m not worthy enough to  have my own remote to his car – besides, we weren’t willing to pay the extra $150 for another remote). I used to carry a small flashlight on my keychain that was dim, at best, and really not useful. Once it broke, I felt naked without a light in my EDC, so I began carrying a small flashlight that we got from a Cabela’s promo, but I found I kept turning it on in my pocket, because of the way it was built, and not realizing it.

Then we ordered these!

(Take no notice that I’m using the manufacturer’s photo – of course, I’ve forgotten to recharge the 2nd set of batteries in our solar recharge unit you can read about here,  thus no camera readily available to take a photo of my own light.)

This is a small light that is not much larger than the top of my house key, but it is incredibly bright for it’s size, and it doesn’t mess with your night vision to use it (unless you decide to shine it directly into your eyes, but I didn’t find that I had a problem seeing in my immediate surroundings after on a dark evening). It is light weight and sturdy. You simply pinch the flashlight and it comes on and goes off at the release of pressure, or you can use the small slider nib to keep it turned on.


  • Cheap  – $4.99 for a package of 10(assorted colors) with free shipping
  • Durable
  • Bright
  • Handy


  • Not 100% made in America product – I thought I would point that out to those who try to buy only American made products.

I’ve been really happy with this little keychain flashlight. It’s not the huge torch that will give a sunburn to those you direct it at or light up a neighborhood like a beacon, but it is the light that I need to get me by, give me some light for safety, and is not a massive thing hanging off my keychain. Now that I’ve begun to carry so much on my keychain and person for my Everyday Carry (EDC), unobtrusiveness of an item is a concern..and this one fits the bill!

As an aside, I do carry a larger flashlight in my bag, but really wanted something that I knew would be on me anytime I walked out the door or away from my car because my bag does not go with me 24/7.

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