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Six New Bakery Products

Thrive Life announced six new products at their annual convention this year and they are all part of a brand new bakery line!  There are 5 new mixes and yeast.

These mixes are amazing.  Imagine just adding water and yeast and getting perfect bread and rolls every time!

On the most basic level, these mixes make bread and cookies.  But they offer so much more than that!  Customize your cookies by adding fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, macadamias, oatmeal, raisins and more.  You can even use the sugar cookie mix to make an amazing fruit / dessert pie crust. All from one basic mix!  Just add water, butter and your favorite ingredients.

Or, use the bread mixes to make rolls, scones, bread sticks, pizza dough, cinnamon rolls and more!  They are incredibly versatile, easy to use and they save so much TIME!

As Healthy as a Bakery Line Can Get:

Thrive is committed to making their products as healthy as possible.  Obviously, bakery items aren’t the healthiest products you can eat no matter who you get them from, but the fact is they bring a lot of psychological benefits when eaten in moderation.  When you do choose to eat items from the “bakery,” there are still things to avoid and things to look for to make sure they are as healthy as possible.  Thrive Life’s commitment to providing the highest quality products has come through again in this new line:

  • All bakery items are non-GMO (yes, even the cornbread)
  • No bakery items include artificial colors or flavors
  • No bakery items include hydrogenated oils
  • All bakery items used UNbleached white flour or whole wheat flour
  • Exclusive in-house formula!  These were developed by Chef Todd over the last year and are packaged at Thrive Life….not somewhere else.  No one else has these formulas and Thrive takes great care to make sure each batch is perfect.


Thrive Life Bakery Basic Cookies

If you have ever had Chef Todd’s chocolate chip cookies, you know that they are hands down the best cookies you’ve ever tasted in your life.  A few months ago, I got him to give me the recipe, and we make them often in our house.  Every person who has every tried one has asked for the recipe.  Not, instead of sharing the recipe, you can just give your friends a can!

There are two different types of cookies: (1) Classic Cookie Dough Mix, and (2) Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix.

The Classic Cookie Dough Mix can be used to make chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin, macadamia nut etc.  Add any nut or fruit you’d like!  Each batch = 36 cookies.

The Vanilla Sugar cookie mix can be used to make sugar cookies (obviously), peanut butter cookies, snickerdoodles (24 cookies per “batch”), or even crust for tarts or dessert pizzas!

Thrive Life Bakery Sugar Cookies


This new cornbread mix is Non-GMO (amazing!).  Just add water for regular cornbread, or use it to make cornbread muffins, chili topping, stuffing, griddle cakes, and more!
Thrive Life Bakery Cornbread Mix


Yeast Breads:

Have you ever made homemade bread and then tried to spread butter or peanut butter or jam on it and had it just crumble?  That is my #1 issue with homemade bread….it tastes amazing but doesn’t work well for sandwiches.  I’ve spent forever trying to perfect a recipe that avoids that problem.  I actually think I’ve done it (recipe to come soon), but using Chef Todd’s all new breads make it so much simpler!  They are fantastic for sandwiches and all you have to do is add water and yeast!  He has done the rest of the work for you!

Thrive Life Bakery White Dough Mix

The Country White Dough Mix uses unbleached white flour and is great as bread and even better as cinnamon rolls.  Or add your favorite seasonings for artisan loaves. Plus, you can use the dough for rolls, scones, pizza crust, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, and more!  Each batch makes one loaf of bread.

Thrive Life Bakery Whole Wheat Dough Mix

The Honey Whole Wheat Dough mix is similar only it uses 100% whole wheat flour instead of unbleached white flour.


Thrive yeast is instant yeast and each pantry can comes with 30 packets.  Just add one packet per loaf of bread!

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