How to Make an Emergency Car Kit Checkup

With the change in seasons, you should look at doing a 5 Step Checkup of your Emergency Car Kit supplies. You can do it once a quarter if you’d like, but we tend to do it with the major changes of season in our area – and use the Spring and Fall to gauge that time. 

If you live in exteme climates, you might want to do a mid-winter or a mid-summer checkup as well for those things that may not do well in the extreme temps.

It's time to change out your emergency car kit!! Refresh those supplies, switch out seasonal gear, and make sure you have all you need! /// Mom with a PREP

5 Steps to an Emergency Car Kit Checkup


Those items that have been used need to be replenished – such as water, foodstuffs, first aid, etc.


Food or other products that are outdated may have been affected by drastic temperatures, or have been damaged or drained (like batteries)


Remove products that you will no longer need for the season – remove tire chains and other heavy winter items if you no longer need them.


Add the new items you’ll need for the current season. We’ll be adding even more water (we’ll go through it faster in the summer so like to keep more on hand).


Might as well clean out that trunk and backseat now! We recycle things like batteries that may have been affected by seasonal weather changes, bring in the old water to replace new water even though the water is fine, we just recycle our stock, etc.

How to Create an Emergency Car Kit

How to Create an Emergency Kit for Your Car | {Mom with a Prep}

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