Top 13 Preparedness Posts of 2013

Happy New Year to you all!! With the end of the year comes all of the typical year in review posts, and I thought I’d join in!

Top 13 Preparedness Posts in 2013 @ Mom with a Prep

It’s interesting to go back and see what were the most popular posts of the year by the readers, as well as to review what my own favorite posts were from the year. So I’ll list both :D

Your Favs:

#1 – This seemed to really resonate as many people are turning back to greens for health reasons, yet didn’t know how to preserve them. You can also dehydrate them!

Mom with a PREP | YWhen you have an overabundance of kale from a bumper garden crop or a CSA basket or a great sale at the grocers, what do you do with all that extra kale if you aren't dehydrating it? You can freeze it raw, especially if you're using it for smoothies!

#2 – My heart truly is in teaching our kids to be self-sufficient, prepared, and have all of the knowledge to help them succeed in their lives. This must resonate with everyone else, as well.

Does your twelve year old know these basic life skills? It's about time that he or she did (and frankly - all of us!) // Mom with a PREP

#3 My Dehydrator has been going gang busters most of the year. I collected a lot of recipes and applications over time, and here they are:

Mom with a Prep | 101+ Dehydrating Recipes for Food Storage, Hiking and Paleo Diets - build up your food storage for emergency preparedness with these great recipes.

#4: This article was a big hit, and it honestly surprised me, but I think a lot of women are wanting to be more preparedness minded and just needed a little push in the right direction on how to do it without looking like Rambo :)

Mom with a PREP | Mom’s EDC – Or the everyday carry stuff I have crammed into my pockets and purse just in case the zombies rise ! #edc #prepare4life #zombies

#5 I think this was a big hit because this was a show that America ‘got’. It wasn’t about a bunch of preppers who were deemed weird, but an actual idea of what ‘might’ happen if things were to go bad, and it began to awaken them to what they needed to do.

7 lessons learned from NatGeo's American Blackout | Mom with a Prep #prepper

#6 I write these ‘homemaking how-to’ posts because I feel it’s important for us to get back to our roots, to be less reliant on what we can get on the grocer’s shelves, and learn how to make do when things aren’t readily available.

How to Make Your Own Sweetened Condensed Milk {Mom with a Prep}

#7 Taking advantage of sales and coupons and plan can make all the difference in the world on your budget and your preparedness. This series makes it to the top 13 because everyone is trying to learn how to save and how to prepare.

Don't let your pantry get you down! Learn how to Build a Better Pantry for your family's PREParendess with this Menu Planning Challenge @ Mom with a

#8 When our kids are away from us, many of us feel the need to make sure they are as prepared as possible – thus the popularity of this post:

Kids Emergency Survival Packs for Kids at School | {Mom with a Prep}

#9 My biggest goal for 2014 is to learn to can. Here is a collection of all types of food and how to can them.

Mom with a PREP | 101+ Canning Recipes for your garden produce, game - all to build your food storage to prepare for any emergency!

#10 This is one of my favorite tricks to using up greens without having to buy protein powders for food. I add it to EVERYTHING!

How to Make and Use Kale Powder by Mom with a Prep {blog} - this stuff is awesome to store to use for smoothies and put in sauces and sprinkle over foods the way you do parsley or to put into meatloaf or salads and more! #foodstorage #kale

#11 Who knew how our little games as children really prepare us for down the road?

10 Great Pretend Games to help your child develop preparedness skills | { Mom with a Prep Blog }

#12 This one really surprised me!

How a Pencil Sharpener can Save Your Life | Mom with a Prep

#13 This one didn’t surprise me, and for only being a couple of week’s old, definitely has been a huge hit.

Mom with a PREP | Top 10 Seed Catalogs for the PREPared Gardener (non-GMO, Heirloom & Organic)

My Favs: Here are some blog posts that didn’t quite make the top thirteen, but are dear to my heart:

How to "vacuum seal" your zip-top storage bags for a longer shelf life without a machine! | Mom with a Prep

10 Basic Safety Tips for Women | {Mom with a Prep}How to make a fire pit for your backyard | Mom with a PrepTeach Your Kids About EDC (Everyday Carry) {Mom with a Prep}

What posts did you find inspiration from?

Thank you, all, for your support over this year as we’ve all jumped into this adventure. May next year bring us peace, continued prosperity, and love from our friends and family, and may we never ever ever have to use our preps :)

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