The Benefits of Organic Gardening

The Benefits of Organic Gardening

Our garden is very important to us – not only is it a way for us to provide food for our family and get off the needs of shopping at the grocery store, it teaches our children about taking care of themselves, as well. And if for no other reason, our children are the primary reason we choose to never use harmful chemicals or ‘natural/organic’ items in the garden that might cause harm to them.

Here’s a great graphic about the benefits of organic gardening so that you can learn more. 

While this information is specifically about lawn care,  you can use the ideas for your garden as well. And remember, what you put on your lawn ends up in your garden as well. It’s important to have an all-around good organic program for your whole yard, not just one small part of it.

More information on organic life outdoors:
Growing Grass the Natural Way by J.  Howard Garrett

The Organic Manual by J. Howard Garrett

Remember, just because it’s natural or organic doesn’t make it safe – read up, check labels, be safe!


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