Best 150+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas (Most Under $15)

You’ve purchased the gifts and you’ve wrapped them with care. But you spent so much time picking out the perfect gifts for your family, that you’re now scrambling for stocking stuffer gifts at the last minute.

Here are awesome stocking stuffer ideas that are more than cheap dollar store gadgets and actually help my family and friends become more PREPared! 150+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the PREPared Home

But don’t make those stocking stuffers be gifts of things that don’t matter! Use that precious gift space to PREPare your family to become more prepared for emergencies in the new year! The best gifts are ones that are really useful, not just a gimmick. And think outside the box to those supplies used by hikers, campers, survivalists, homesteaders, etc.

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Budget-Friendly 150+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Prepared Home

There are so many gifts you can add, but we’re going to concentrate on those things small enough to fit into a stocking and are affordable (most things are $15 and under). You might find a lot of these things on lists to help build emergency kits, but supplies always need to be restocked, too! While I provide links to Amazon for many of the ideas so that you can get a look at what I mean, you can pick up most of these things nearby.

Pick and choose from the list, and then add your own in the comments below!

Stocking Stuffers for Health and Home

  1. toothbrush/toothpaste
  2. batteries
  3. lip balms
  4. tweezers
  5. bandages (think not only bandaids but triangle bandages, Israeli bandages, etc.)
  6. emergency candles / regular candles/tea lights (please be mindful of the overly smelly candles)
  7. hard lotion bars (learn how to make your own here)
  8. sewing supplies: needles, thread, snaps, pins, safety bins, bobbins, etc.
  9. scarves/hats/gloves
  10. wool socks/socks
  11. underwear (my kids groan, but at least they have a healthy supply!)
  12. first aid supplies to build a family first aid kit (bandages, triangle bandages, sutures, face masks, creams, ointments, splints, etc.)
  13. essential oils – we love the Plant Therapy line.
  14. gift certificates to favorite ‘stock-up places’
  15. soapmaking supplies
  16. dental emergency kit
  17. oil lamps, oil, and wicks
  18. crochet hooks and supplies
  19. knitting needles and yarn
  20. 5-gallon lid tool (though gamma lids are great for not needing this tool, they are too big for stocking and are a bit more expensive)
  21. small weather radio
  22. latex gloves
  23. face masks
  24. eyeglass repair and supply kits
  25. homemade soaps
  26. permanent markers (good for all around the home, homestead and emergency bags)
  27. homemade toiletries and cleaners
  28. extra flash drives to store necessary emergency information
  29. activated charcoal
  30. homemade tote bags
  31. scissors
  32. dental floss
  33. shoelaces
  34. nail care kit – file, clippers
  35. combs (this Hedgehog comb/multi-tool is fun!)

Best Stocking Stuffers Ideas for the Kitchen

  1. can openers
  2. Spatulas, whisks, spoons
  3. silicone mats
  4. towels and mitts
  5. bulk foods (think bags of beans or rice or chocolate to stash 😉 )
  6. dehydrator sheets
  7. canning lids, rings, and supplies
  8. vacuum sealer attachments – for canning jars
  9. cheesemaking supplies
  10. freeze-dried meals
  11. bamboo cutting boards and utensils (easy to care for and sustainable)
  12. homemade jams, jellies, canned items
  13. oxygen absorbers
  14. mylar bags
  15. mini heat-sealers for food preservation
  16. home dehydrated products and mixes/meals in jars

Stocking Stuffers Ideas for the Homestead

  1. hand tools for the garden
  2. safety glasses
  3. snares
  4. ammo
  5. ammo containers
  6. earplugs
  7. carpentry pencils
  8. seed packets
  9. hand tools for the garden
  10. plant markers
  11. work gloves
  12. camo tape (to ‘camo’ anything)
  13. duct or Gorilla tape
  14. pocket plant identification and track identification books
  15. pocket knives/fixed blade knives
  16. folding saws
  17. small tools and supplies (boxes of screws/bolts/nails to get someone started)
  18. velcro strips
  19. super glue
  20. zip ties
  21. bungee cords
  22. gift certificates for time spent in training (a promise to teach your niece how to crochet or make yogurt or your son how to tie a fishing lure)
  23. maintenance supplies for weapons/tools (oils, barrel cleaners, bow wax, new string, etc.)
  24. honing stones/whetstones/sharpening devices for blades
  25. homemade fire starters (think wax-dipped pinecones, dryer lint/wax bundles, char cloth, and more)
  26. leather crafting supplies
  27. ice scraper
  28. bicycle tire repair kits
  29. bicycle pumps
  30. slingshot & pellets
  31. razor blades (the old fashioned kind)
  32. measuring tapes
  33. soil testing kit

Best Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Emergency Kits

  1. headlamps
  2. fire starters/flints/steels/
  3. waterproof matches and container
  4. silver coins
  5. gift certificates for cash/gas/emergencies to tuck into a wallet or glove compartment
  6. P-38 / P-51 can openers for camping/emergency bags
  7. honey sticks – are good for food and for antiseptic for wound care (as long as you don’t get the flavored varieties)
  8. emergency whistles
  9. sewing kits
  10. fishing kits
  11. snares
  12. work gloves
  13. lighters
  14. small cookstove
  15. ammo
  16. ammo containers
  17. earplugs
  18. notebooks/pens/pencils – I love sticking carpentry pencils in my boys’ stockings
  19. small first aid kits
  20. carabiners
  21. baseball caps
  22. collapsible bucket
  23. paracord (in bracelet or belt form, or just bundled)
  24. small rolls of duct tape
  25. shower wipes
  26. headlamp
  27. SAS Pocket Survival Guide
  28. pocket chain saw (don’t go for the super-cheap versions..they’re pretty worthless)
  29. glowsticks
  30. small knife/fire steel combo
  31. personal water filter * this isn’t in the $10 budget, but less than $20
  32. bandanas (there are good survival ones that have emergency info printed on them). They are good for head-covering, face covering, rags, and more.
  33. collapsible kitchen gear (packs small for camping or emergency kits – bowls, cups, and more)
  34. travel-sized toiletries
  35. recharging bricks/bars for electronics (if you can find a small solar version – even better!)
  36. moleskin – invaluable for blisters from hiking, etc.)
  37. multitool or multi-use knives
  38. hand-cranked flashlight
  39. inflatable pillow
  40. inflatable solar light
  41. water purification tablets
  42. snares
  43. water packets
  44. bug spray
  45. local maps
  46. compass (plus throw in a note that you’ll teach them how to use it!)
  47. small first aid book
  48. pocket size plant identification book for foraging
  49. jerky
  50. powdered drink mixes (think Gatorade)
  51. rolls of coins
  52. emergency cash stash
  53. homemade, laminated note cards with emergency procedures on a ring
  54. pocket-sized games / cards / dice
  55. Fix-a-flat
  56. hand/foot warmers
  57. camping utensil
  58. Blade medic – for maintaining your blades
  59. emergency sleeping bag/blanket
  60. poncho
  61. sunscreen
  62. microfiber towels
  63. hand sanitizer
  64. emergency car escape tool
  65. compressed wash clothes tablets (could be used for TP, too)
  66. gas siphon
  67. hatchet
  68. emergency food bars
  69. mirror
  70. dry shampoo
  71. Wallet Ninja
  72. pocket triple antibiotic spray
  73. waterproof bags
  74. gum
  75. hard candies

What Are Your Stocking Stuffer Ideas?

Finally, these are more than 150 stocking stuffer ideas for a prepared home and family! Feel free to share all your thoughts about my best stocking stuffer ideas in the comments section below. Also, tell us your ideas, too! Last but not least, you can put it all in this nifty tactical stocking for those who love such things!

Here are awesome stocking stuffer ideas that are more than cheap dollar store gadgets and actually help my family and friends become more PREPared! 150+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the PREPared Home
As you can see, there is a bounty of opportunity to make those items in stockings have more meaning than a dollar store throwaway toy or a gimmicky item that will never be used again. Think about how you can bring the gift of PREParedness to your family, even on a budget!I’d love it if you’d add your own ideas in the comments so that we can make this an even bette resource!
Here are awesome stocking stuffer ideas that are more than cheap dollar store gadgets and actually help my family and friends become more PREPared! 150+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the PREPared Home
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