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Have you had your own “What if?” question?

  • What if we had to leave the house immediately in an emergency? What do we pack? What do we take?
  • What if my kids were lost, would they know what to do to be found or make their way home? Would I?
  • What if my husband lost his job — would we be able to exist on our pantry for more than a few days?
  • What if I get stuck in a broken down car – do I have what I need to fix it or last til help
  • What if I found a great deal on food at the grocery store? How do I preserve it to make it last longer?
  • What if the zombies really do come? (Just ask Brad Pitt about those – he’ll know what to do)

Let’s get started together!

What Mom with a Prep is all about

This blog isn’t a blog about being a prepper – it’s about being PREPared. Our family started on this trip because of the “prepper” movement, but we evolved into wanting so much more. We wanted to be prepared for life no matter if it was our finances, our health, our home, our kids, and it didn’t always have to involve the notion of an emergency. We wanted to make sure we were living a prepared life, so that if those emergencies did pop up, we’d be prepared for them!

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Coming Soon: The Basics- you’ll be able to find the first steps to living PREPared here at Mom with a PREP. I’m in the early design stages of the work, and will have it up soon. It will make finding exactly what you need so much easier!

My Wish for You

My wish is that you find your own path for your family in what helps you live prepared. There is no right or wrong way to do it, only that you do it. Don’t leave it until tomorrow, but begin today to LIVE PREPARED!

And as always, if you ever have questions, please feel free to contact me.