101 Gardening Tips & Ideas

Mom with a PREP | 101+ Gardening Ideas & Tips - from planning to planting to growing to harvesting, ideas and tips for you to grow your own food and be more self-reliant

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As with my 101+ Dehydrating & 101+Canning posts, here is a new 101+ Gardening Tips & Ideas package to help you get ready for gardening season!
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101+ Gardening Tips & Ideas

General Tips

Saving Big on Lumber Supplies for Raised Garden Beds

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Growing Your Own Food but Were Afraid to Ask

Tips for First Time Gardeners

Our Experiences With Companion Planting

Find Your Gardening Zone

Edible Flower Guide

Square Foot Gardening 101

Simple Record Keeping for the Garden with Printable Seed Starting Chart

Top 10 Seed Catalogs for the PREPared Gardener

6 Tips for Success if You’re Planting Your Garden Late

7 Things to do right now to get ready for a fabulous summer garden

How Much Food Can a Small Homestead Produce?

Monthly Calendar for Garden Maintenance

What You Need to know Before You Start your First Vegetable Garden

How Much Should I Plant To Feed My Family For A Year?

Benefits of Keeping a Gardening Journal

Benefits of Organic Gardening

Square Foot Gardening Mistakes – learn from ours first!

The New Square Foot GardenAll New Square Foot Gardening Book by Mel Bartholomew – save time and money when you’re growing in small spaces or use to help organize your way through the garden and rotate crops for regular folk!

Planning & Methods

The Garden Map

How to Build and Plant a Square Foot Garden

9 DIY Raised Bed Garden Designs

Preparing the Garden Beds

Spring Garden Primer – Do a Mason Jar Soil Test

Planning Your Spring Garden

Build a $50 Greenhouse

Gardening in Small Spaces

Go Vertical with Your Garden

Garden: The Mittleider Method

Vegetable Families and Crop Rotation

How to Plant an Herbal Tea Garden

Starting a Vegetable Garden

Gear up for Spring Planting

How to Make a Lasagna Garden

Put Your Garden Beds to Rest for Winter

How to Save Big on Lumber Supplies for Your Square Foot Garden

Extend your Growing Season

Pallet Gardening 101

How to Grow a Vegetable Garden in the Shade

101+ Gardening Tips & Ideas at MomwithaPREP - Container Gardening


Building a Seed Growing Rack on the Cheap

Top 10 Seed (Organic, Non-GMO) Seed Catalogs

How viable are your stored seeds?

How to Save and Store Your Heirloom Garden Seed

Sprouting new garden plants from seeds: tips from an old pro

Survival Seeds in a Can-9 Years Later

How to Read the Back of Your Vegetable Seed Packets

Saving a Variety of Seeds

Staring Seeds with a Soil Blocker


Planting and Transplanting Seedlings

Grow Your Own Transplants



The Dirty Truth About Composting

Smart Composting – Turn your Spoils into Soil

DIY Manure Tea – Putting Manure to Work in Your Garden


Soil Revival

Making Compost

 Companion Planting -- just not for helping your plants make friends, but to help your plants grow to the best of their ability by having great neighbors to help them along! Give your garden plants new best friends!


32 Companion Plants Chart

Forgotten Plants

Crops That Can Be Planted Mid-Summer

How to Grow

Be aware that crop specific tutorials may be effected by where you live, the drought conditions, and heartiness. Use these only as a general guide on how to plant raise and harvest, but check into your local growing zones and soil conditions for properly growing them in your area. There are also hundreds of varieties of vegetables and fruits to grow. I am including a basic selection for beginning gardeners.




Carrots (for those of you in hard or clay soils, or not a ton of gardening space, growing carrots in containers is a great option)

Carrots 2



Green Beans


Spotlight on Herbs




Mustard for Seed




In a Tower

Pumpkins / hard squashes







 The Dirt Doctor's Guide ot Organic Gardening

Not only is organic gardening better for your health, it’s how man gardened for centuries until the advent of petro-chemical fertilizers and pest repellants. Get back to The Natural Way!

Pests & Weeds & Beneficials

Release the Ladybugs! A Natural Way to Control Aphids

Combat Mosquitoes Naturally

Deer, Gracious Me! Nature’s Guide to Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden

DIY Natural Weed Killer

How to Use Vinegar for Weed Control

Summer’s Most Infamous Pests… And How to Combat Them Naturally

Practically Free Garden Weed Barrier

Two Signs of a Tomato Worm

Squash Bugs

DIY Natural Garden Pest Control

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garden

Protect Your Garden with Beneficial Insects


10 Things to Spray, Sprinkle & Brew for Garden Pest Control

10 Interesting Facts About Earthworms

Natural Slug Solutions

How to Make Garlic Pepper Tea for Pest Control

Garrett Juice (for fertilizer and pest control)


Garden Drip Irrigation System

Gardening in a drought

How to Build a Rain Barrel, Plus Care and Maintenance

How to Preserve Your Garden Bounty

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Mom with a PREP | 101+ Gardening Ideas & Tips - from planning to planting to growing to harvesting, ideas and tips for you to grow your own food and be more self-reliant

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