Conflicted: The Survival Card Game Series Deck 2

A while back, I introduced you to Conflicted: The Survival Card Game (see this post). Well, now is the time to talk about the Second Deck.

Mom with a PREP | Conflicted II: The Survival Card Game available now! Have you ever thought up scenarios to test your preparedness & survival skills? Put your skills to the test with Conflicted: The Survival Card Game. A great way to think through how you will handle situations before they happen!  #survival #prepare4life #conflicted

What’s the Conflicted: The Survival Card Game About?

“The deck is full of 52 post-apocalyptic scenarios that you might find yourself involved in. The questions might be as simple as what are the 5 most likely causes of a downfall to very involved, specific scenarios you might find yourself involved in such as “You have enough snake antidote for one person, yet two of your team members have been bitten. What do you do next?”

Each one requires you to think about what YOU would do and discuss it with the rest of the group. If you’re so inclined to be competitive about it, score each other on each question and tally up those scores to see who won and should be the leader of your group!”

Why We Love the Conflicted: The Survival Card Game

This deck has been a really amazing experience for my husband and me as it has allowed us to talk through things now before we’re forced to deal with them then (if they happen), and give us a clearer understanding of what and how we believe, and what we’ll do to prepare for it. It’s been such an amazing experience that I’ve even joined in on the Prepper Chicks After Dark show a few times to play the game live! In the last round, we were really stumped by a question on dealing with family showing up during a pandemic, and how we’d prepare for it.

And little did we know, not a few weeks later, we’d have our own mini-pandemic hit the house in real life, and found that we STILL weren’t prepared enough! So I took it upon myself to stock up on a few things this week that I could from the convenience of the computer and will begin focusing on more of those things when I can get out again this week.

Conflicted: The Survival Card Game - Deck 2 Pre-order now!!!

Conflicted: The Survival Card Game, Deck II Is Available Now

So the exciting news is that Conflicted: The Survival Card Game, Deck II is available now! And the super-cool thing is that one of the scenarios I submitted is being included in the deck! In fact, 20 of the scenarios in the deck were submitted from preparedness and survival blogs and experts from around the world. I was excited when they let me know, and I really hope that down the line it helps someone else become a little more prepared because they were able to think through an area that they weren’t prepared for, yet!

Mom with a PREP | Conflicted: The Survival Card Game available now!

Have you thought about how will you handle an experience of a post-disaster world where you are responsible for your kids’ education (and perhaps all of the kids in your group) – have you thought about how you’d educate them?

How you’d teach them new skills in a new world? Even if you take the post-disaster world out of the scenario, what would you do right now if, for whatever reason, you needed to begin educating them now – you couldn’t rely on the state school system? Do you spend time training your kids in preparedness and survival skills now?


Take Your Hands on the Survival Card Game!

If you loved Deck 1, Deck 2 is available now! These would make great Father’s Day gifts for the prepper who has ‘everything’!

If you’ve purchased and played the game, or even just play it online with others, let me know what you thought about it!

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