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different homemade baby food

I know many of my readers here are young mothers with babies.  Or maybe you are a grandparent with children struggling in through that new baby stage. But as reality goes, babies need a lot of care and attention, so it’s important to consider them. Or maybe you are raising grand-babies you care about.  My kids are no longer babies (the youngest is four), but I remember those days well…they weren’t that long ago. I can still remember every detail of those experiences.

We actually had four kids in three years and it kinda felt like a never-ending baby-Dom. Little (or no) sleep, lots of stinky messes, but plenty of cuteness and smiles. Good times, but crazy times. One thing I wish I’d had seven years ago when my twins were born is freeze-dried produce.

green baby food

See, I wanted to feed those new, beautiful little babies as healthy as I could. I seriously considered homemade baby food because there are so many advantages:

Advantages of Homemade Baby Food

  • It is healthier
  • You know exactly what you are feeding your baby
  • Your baby can eat the same food you do…just in pureed form

But honestly, the drawbacks kept me from doing it:

Disadvantages of Homemade Baby Food

  • Time. It can be a pain to cook, puree, cool, and package lots of little servings of homemade baby food.  I had no spare time!  This hilarious video explains my lack of time.  Maybe you can relate?
  • Storage. Homemade baby foods spoil more quickly and require refrigeration.  You either need to make lots at once, and freeze it, or make it often.  Making lots at once is more time/cost-effective, but requires freezer space and storage containers.
  • Waste.  Since you typically make homemade baby food in large batches (to save time), there can be a lot of waste if your child doesn’t like what you make or you thaw out more than they can eat before it goes bad.

So, seven years ago, while I’m sitting in my couch eating a tortilla, I opted to take a simple way out: I just bought pre-made baby food for my kids.  And truth be told, my kids are just fine!  Super healthy.  Good little eaters.  Smart.  Funny.  Adorable. Creative.  I could go on……

Still, a bunch of extra nutrients couldn’t have hurt, right?  I wish that seven years ago someone had told me that there was another option: an option with all the benefits of homemade baby food and more, but none of the drawbacks.  Unfortunately, no one told me!  But I know now, so I’m telling you now so you can take advantage of it with your sweet babies.

Freeze Dried Produce

Freeze Dried Fruits and Freeze Dried Veggies are amazing and they are a fantastic alternative to homemade baby food.

  • Freeze-dried produce is just as healthy as fresh garden produce and even healthier than store-bought produce! Learn More Here.
  • Freeze-dried produce is very economical.  The long shelf life allows you to make just what you need when you need it so there is no waste.  Plus, there is no need to pay for skins, seeds, and peels that you won’t use.   Learn More Here.
  • Because freeze-dried produce has a long shelf life, you don’t need lots of freezer storage space!  Learn More Here
  • It is really important to plan your food, so with freeze-dried produce, you can make just what you need for each meal in 5 minutes without any waste.  No more worrying if the baby will like what you make or trying to decide how much to thaw for that week.  Learn More Here
  • Freeze-dried produce takes only minutes to turn into baby food.  It is quick and convenient. Learn More Here
  • Turning freeze-dried produce into baby food doesn’t require any heat, so you don’t destroy nutrients when cooking it.  Because of this, baby food made with freeze-dried produce has more nutrients than baby food made from your own garden produce!

How to Make Homemade Baby Food in 5 Minutes:

Today, I’ve got pictures and video step-by-step tutorials for you on making baby food with freeze-dried produce.  You won’t believe how simple it is!  Once you are ready to go, you can purchase freeze-dried fruits at a discount here and freeze-dried veggies here.

Step #1:

Measure out the amount of food you want/need.  This is so AWESOME!  No more leftover baby food.  No more waste.  No more space was taken up in the freezer.  Make just what you need right then!  I added peaches below:

Homemade baby food with peaches

Step Two:

Use a small food processor (THIS is the one I use and love) to crush food to a powder.  Since the food is completely dry (unlike dehydrated foods), it will crush easily.  There is no time-intensive (and nutrient-killing) cooking process.

Using a food processor for homemade baby food

Step Three:

Add water.  If your baby is just starting solid foods, make it a bit on the runnier side.  If your baby is older, make it thicker.  You are in complete control.

add water to homemade baby food

Step Four:

Run through the food processor one more time to make sure food is mixed and hydrated.

homemade baby food almost done

Step Five:

Feed that sweet baby and enjoy!

homemade baby food finished: peach

A Note:

The first time you try each “flavor,” let sit for a few minutes before serving.  It will thicken a bit.  You may need to add more water to get the consistency you want it the first time.  But just record how much fruit/veggie and water you use so that next time you don’t have to adjust.

various flavors of homemade baby food

You can also watch this video by my friend Joyce to see the process in action:

baby food in less than 5 minutes

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Final Thoughts

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section. Also, please share with us your experience with your own formulation of homemade baby food and how you made them. Discuss it below. We are always super excited to hear from you!

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