Homemade Dried Honey Powder Uses, Benefits, and Recipe

Why use honey powder? Well, humans love sweet flavors. It is programmed into us as part of who we are. While some people may prefer more sweetness than others, in general, we all like to eat sweet things from time to time. Sugar is added to many foods, and you may not even realize it. I mean, who doesn’t want any sugar, right? With this recipe, you will learn more about dried honey powder. Discover more about this to know what can be of benefit to you. Make sure to follow through with every detail so you do not miss the important part.

homemade honey powder
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Benefits of Honey

There are plenty of options for sweetening agents, from cane sugar to artificial sweeteners made in laboratories. One of the best options is honey. It is a great natural sweetener that comes from hardworking honey bees. Also, it is naturally occurring and requires minimal human intervention for us to enjoy it.

Moreover, it has many benefits over sugar and other sweeteners. It is completely natural, so it does not contain controversial or potentially harmful lab-created ingredients that artificial sweeteners do. Also, it is not highly processed like cane sugar. It is easier to digest than other options and has more nutrients, so it is better for your body.

However, unlike other sweeteners, it comes in liquid form, which can make it challenging to use in some situations. There is a solution to that problem. You can now create honey powder to make this sweet treat easier to use and more versatile. Continue reading to find out how to do this and how to use the powder.

Homemade Honey Powder

Honey powder is just dehydrated honey, so you will need to use a dehydrator or oven to make it. Start by spreading honey thinly on a piece of parchment paper or fruit puree sheet for the dehydrator. Try to spread it evenly, so it dehydrates at the same rate throughout. Keeping it in a thin layer cuts down on the time it takes and helps prevent issues during the process.

How to Make Dried Honey Powder Recipe?

Because it is a sweetener, honey will burn if the temperature is too high, so this will be a low and slow process. You want to set your dehydrator at 120 degrees, or your oven as low as it will go. The dehydration process will take up to about 24 hours. Check it often for burning, especially if you are using your oven. It should not be sticky to the touch by the end of the process. It will be completely dry and hard when finished. If you pick it up, it should break easily into chunks or slivers.

The next step needs to happen fast. You want to remove it from the sheets and grind it up. You can use a food processor or blender. The key is to take it straight from the oven to the blender or processor. The dry honey will absorb any humidity in the air and make it sticky again. Also, make sure the tool you’re using is completely dry so as not to introduce moisture. Grind it until it looks like granulated sugar.

Again, working against any humidity in the air, immediately transfer the powder into an airtight container. Store it in a place that is dry and cool. Avoid opening the container until you are ready to use it, and do not let it sit open at any time.

How to Use Dehydrated Honey?

Powdered honey can be used like sugar, but it is important to note it won’t act like sugar. While it does sweeten whatever you add it to, it won’t caramelize or add chewiness to baked goods. It is usually better to use part honey powder and part another sweetener in baked goods to get the right texture. In addition, if it is used to top a baked item, it will start to gather moisture and turn sticky.

In many cases, it can be used as an ingredient without any actual honey taste, which is great if you are trying to cut down on harmful sugars and sweeteners but don’t like the taste of honey. It also makes a great way to add some nutrition to your sweet treats.

Remember that honey is temperature sensitive and burns easily. Because of this, you may have to adjust oven temperatures and cook times. It may also alter the color of some dishes because it is not white like other sweetening options.

More Uses of Honey Powder

There are many uses for honey powder. While it is great for sweet baked goods, it also can be used in other recipes. Try swapping the sugar in your BBQ rub with it. Use it to sweeten cereal or oatmeal. It can be used instead of sugar in sweet drinks, like tea or lemonade. Sprinkle a bit on the yams before serving them.

You can also rehydrate it with some water to make liquid honey. Just add a small bit of water until it is the right consistency. You probably already have tons of ways to use liquid honey. Powered honey can replace liquid honey in most cases.

Think outside the box when using it. You can add it to bread or use it to make your ketchup. Sweeten your spaghetti sauce with a dash of it. Try it in your coffee in the morning. There are so many ways to use this versatile product that you are sure to come up with your uses quickly.

Why Make Dried Honey Powder?

You may wonder why you would take the time to make honey powder when you could just use honey in its liquid form. Well, powdering the honey makes it more versatile. The liquid form does not work well as a direct substitute for sugar in many recipes. The added moisture can change the chemistry of a recipe,  such as one for cake or cookies, making the finished product turn out horrible or disappointing.

With powdered honey, you get the dryness of sugar, so there isn’t the concern of introducing more moisture.

Benefits of Having Honey Powder at Home


However, another perk of using this powder is that it adds beneficial moisture, once it has been mixed in. Your baked goods will stay fresh and moist for longer. It can even be a solution to a cake that usually turns out dry. Baked goods usually last longer due to the added moisture because they won’t get hard from drying out.

It is also easier to work with. Let’s face it. Liquid honey can be a sticky mess. It’s a struggle to get it from a bottle to the measuring cup, and then getting it out of the measuring cup is another headache. Not to mention how awful the clean-up is. All of that hassle disappears when you powder it. One note, though, to avoid a mess, don’t put powdered honey in measuring wet cups. All utensils should be completely dry to avoid rehydrating the powder until it is mixed into whatever you are making.


Beyond the physical reasons for using honey, it also is better for you. Honey has nutrients in it. Sugar does not. So, honey is a healthier choice, even though it does still have an impact on your blood sugar. It is best in moderation but is always a better choice over cane sugar when you are trying to be health-conscious.

Lasts Long

Another perk is it keeps for a very long time. As long as you keep it dry, it should stay in powder form for a long time. You won’t have to worry about it going bad for about 30 years. Seriously!


Two last things you need to know. Honey powder is inexpensive. It costs far less than any other option. If you have your hives, it is dirt cheap. Despite that, a little bit goes a long way. You don’t use nearly as much to get the sweet punch you need as you would other sweeteners. So, it goes a lot further. Overall, you get more for your money with this sweetener option.

Final Thoughts

If you want to start making honey powder, then you should look for the highest quality honey you can find, which will provide the best powder. Of course, also make sure to choose the one you like the taste of.

Make sure to choose a good container in which to store your powder. It cannot stress enough that the receptacle must be airtight. It is a good idea to invest in quality containers. Also, do not store scoops in with the powder. It will be helpful to preserve your product.

Be Creative when Making Honey Powder

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment. Some people like to add cinnamon or other spices to the honey before dehydrating it to make flavored powders. You can also try different types of honey to experiment with different flavors. Try using powder in various recipes and different ways of cooking or baking to find out what you like and what works. This is especially true when it comes to baked goods. It may require trial and error to find what works best when comes to the balance of honey powder in a recipe.

When you think about all the benefits of honey powder, the real question becomes, why haven’t you started making and using it already? Powdered honey is a great ingredient that can quickly become a must-have staple in your pantry. It is easy to make and use, so why not start making some today? It gives more convenience when you needed it as a recipe. It is easy to store and it does not take up so much space. Make sure to make your own now. It is easy to make. Follow through with every detail to achieve the expected product.


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