How to Make Secret Preparedness Boards on Pinterest

Mom with a PREP | How to create a Secret Preparedness Board on Pinterest to stop your best friend from finding out that you just might be a closet prepper.

When you were wasting yet another hour looking at Pinterest boards, did you once pin something like

“How to keep your family and friends from showing up on your doorstop to take your preps when the zombies come”,

and then got a Facebook message from you Mom asking you if you were becoming one of those “Doomsday Preppers”? Wouldn’t you love a way to be able to collect Pins on preparedness or homestead issues that interest you without the whole world seeing what you’re doing or resorting to creating a special Pinterest ID just for preparedness (not that *I* have ever done something like that at all!). Well, then let’s practice some OPSEC for Pinterest, shall we?

You don’t know what OPSEC is? It’s a military term for Operational Security – not letting everyone else in the world know what you’re doing.

I once shared how I used Pinterest to help me prepare, but wanted to take it a step further for those of you who feel like pinning preparedness topics on Pinterest is something that makes you feel worried that people will begin to look at you sideways, and how you can accomplish it easily with Secret (OPSEC) Boards.

Pinterest has a feature called Secret Boards which allow you to¬† hide some of your boards from the world. Many use it to create gift idea boards for their loved ones or their celebrity crushes (and are too embarrassed to admit it). It’s easy to create a Secret Board (up to 3) that allows you to pin those Preparedness topics that really fascinate and teach you without anyone else knowing. It’s quick and easy – so let’s start!

Step 1:

Click Add then Create a Board


Step 2:

NAME your board, (adding a description and category are optional), then click YES and CREATE BOARD

Mom with a Prep - How to Add a Secret Pinterest Board - Step 2


This is your secret board – you can edit any information in it if you wish.

Mom with a Prep - How to Add a Secret Pinterest Board - Step 3


Here is your secret board on your list. It is not visible by anyone but you (and anyone you might decide to add at a later date as a group board)

Mom with a Prep - How to Add a Secret Pinterest Board - Step 4


Be sure to use your drop down menu to choose where to pin the awesome Zombie gear that you found. Don’t worry, you can go back and quickly edit your pin to change the category if you forgot, but it’s easier to get in the habit now so as not to blow your OPSEC.

Mom with a Prep - How to Add a Secret Pinterest Board - Step 5

There – that was easy, wasn’t it? So now you don’t have an excuse not to take advantage of this great tool to bookmark ideas and lessons and things to read up on to help your family start their preparedness journey!

So…what are you keeping secret on Pinterest?

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