Using Paracord in Everyday Objects

Using Paracord in Everday Ojects  | Mom with a PREP  - where can YOU hide your paracord?

Paracord is an essential survival material to have. Not only can it serve to pull you out of a bad situation, but taken apart, can be used as tinder, as fish bait/hooks, and so much more! But who wants to walk around with a large blog of it hanging off of their toolbelt, or a big wad of it in their Bug Out Bag? There are lots of ways to ‘hide’ paracord in everyday objects without wearing the typical paracord bracelet (though they are great!)

If you’d like to tackle any of these projects on your own, or purchase something ready-made, Paravival.com carries cord and gear for you! The watch I received from them was exactly to specifications, arrived just a couple of days after I placed the order, and is of great quality!

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