Beginner’s Guide for Food Storage

Wendy DeWitt is known all over for her Food Storage Seminar – and it’s worth a watch if you’re just beginning to get interested in long-term food storage.

Food Storage

Sensible Food Storage Guide with Wendy DeWitt

In this system, you’ll cover

  • 10 Reasons I Don’t Want to have Food Storage
  • Creating the Recipe Card System
  • Rotation of pantry products
  • Intro to dry packing
  • Canning
  • Solar Cooking
  • Dry Packed Foods
  • and more!

She has a wonderful printable available on her website called Everything Under the Sun. She has the Everything Under the Sun Plan on a pdf for you to download or print, as well as a 10-year plan called Everything Made Simple.

Wendy DeWitt inspired me to make my version of a family-inspired food storage pantry system.┬áThere’s no point in following lists from preparedness sites that suggest you store food that you’ll never eat – you want to learn how to create a list based on foods your family eats. It also allows you to be completely familiar with the foods in your pantry and what can be made from them, instead of trying to figure out how to integrate a food you’ve never heard of. You’re likely never to eat it and it will go to waste. If you are someone who is new to this, this will definitely guide you. Browsing on the internet can sometimes be a hassle so if you found yourself here, this is the right place for you!

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How Do You Store Your Food?

So, this article has helped you know how to properly store your food. Also, with the help of Wendy DeWitt and her short seminar brought to light to us. I hope that this will be a big contribution of information to you. Finally, if you have any questions about what you see here, please feel free to ask! I’ll have an answer or find it out for you. Now – are you ready to go tackle your food storage today? Get started today! Last but not least, please share with all of us your tips and tricks in the comment section below. Sharing is always fun! We would love to hear from you.

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What NOT to buy in bulk? // Those things you've always thought weren't best to buy in bulk? Nuts, fresh produce, etc.? You'll be surprised that they can help you in your food storage. wendy dewitt


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