Top 5 Preparedness Pinners on Pinterest in 2022

I was truly honored to be named one of the Top 5 Pinners for Prepping by Simply Preparing!

I can’t say it was all me because the entire prepping, homesteading, survival, and outdoor communities have put out such great information for us to gather! I’m still in my gather as much information phase as I can between websites and other pinners so that I can learn all I can about preparing my family for whatever emergency rocks our boat, and Pinterest is my ‘bookmark’ site of choice because I’m so visual that way.

Top 5 Pinners for Prepping - some of my favorite pinners |  Mom with a Prep
Pins to learn preparedness skills and information for my family  |  Mom with a Prep

Thanks, again, Simply Preparing! I’m truly honored and totally gobsmacked!

Best 5 Preparedness Pinners on Pinterest in 2022

If you aren’t already following the folks on Simply Preparing’s list, I do suggest you do so now! And to pass along some tips for you of others who are awesome on Pinterest in the world of preparedness,  here are a few of my suggestions:


Especially in the homesteading and wild game areas, this pinner has got a really great collection of pins from all over the place to help you track down what to do with the game you just shot, or the animals you want on your homestead.

Survival for Blondes

Survival for Blondes has a great Pinboard that covers SO many topics of preparedness, and information, and breaks it all down for you so you can be as specific as you want.

Connie Smith

Mrs. Smith has one of those boards that cover just about everything in life you might want to know. Being Preparedness-minded, though, she has a great selection of topics to help you prepare your family.

Christi Williams

Here’s another life Pinner – by that I mean someone who has a great selection of all things in life, but she also has a great Provident Living / Preparedness reference library going on Pinterest.  You’ll find lots of information there!

Big River Trading Co.

This is a site from Australia that has a ton of great pins for camping and outdoors. Because they are in Australia, they give a different spin on life in the outdoors that’s great to learn from. Because our family is getting ready for a massive camping undertaking – actually doing it outside of our living room, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at their pins to learn all I can.

There are so many wonderful people out there sharing what they find. Pinterest is a great resource board for finding things in one place to start your search before heading out to the great WWW. For some things, I actually go to Pinterest to research before I hit up Google!

What Are Your Favorite Preparedness Pinners on Pinterest?

Finally, check out these articles on How I use Pinterest to Help Me Prepare or How to Create a Secret Preparedness Pin Board (because not everyone needs to know that your biggest dream is to become a zombie hunter!)

Let me know who your favorite pinners are – or if you’re on Pinterest! Let’s connect with each other and spread the word about being prepared!

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